Written by Stu Kushner

Midnight Sun Online v01n04 November 1996

Volume 1, Number 4, November 1996

-The Online Newsletter for Robert E. Peary High School Alumni-

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Hello Huskies:

I hope many of you have had the chance to browse the new web site that has been set-up for The Midnight Sun Online (MSO). There, you can retrieve the past issues of the newsletter and see some pictures of teachers and grads from our Alma Mater who are in the news. There is also a “hot” listing of the e-mail addresses and individual’s web sites we’ve collected so far, so if you ever misplace your newsletters or updates, you can always visit the site where everything is archived. Neal Pizzano has been the point-of-contact for these lists and has been continually updating it…because it keeps growing! Subsequently, the web site is often updated. A section may soon be added on the web site that will feature recipes from Jay Wenger (’76), who has lupus and has become quite an expert on holistic remedies. In addition, a tribute to Mr. Hill (Math teacher) by Tom Way (’80) is available at the site.

I’ve received a couple of comments to the effect that the “MSO is often full of ‘bad’ news” which is true. It is sad to hear of the deaths and problems of our fellow classmates. On the other hand, it is just this sort of effort and communication that strengthens our ties with each other because we have something in common and it creates the opportunity for a line of support if needed.

As mentioned in a past issue of MSO, remember that we (Neal Pizzano, Maureen DiFulgo, et al) are maintaining ties with teachers too. Mary Thomson (Biology teacher) organizes the Peary Staff Alums that meets each year, so if you’re looking to get a hold of a “role model” maybe we can help. If you listen to Q107 in the mornings, you’ll often hear mention of Peary High School since the morning show host graduated from our alma mater… in fact, just this morning he mentioned a letter he got from a listener who went to Peary named “Paul” who mentioned that his sister Debbie was in his class… and they lived on the corner of Aspen Hill Road and Arctic Avenue – the house that gave Pepsi Colas out for Halloween each year!

Both Neal and I will continue our efforts to keep everyone updated via e-mail and the newsletter, and we need your help in submitting YOUR news items as well. So if you have anything to report… a new job, an addition to your family, an award you received, articles in the paper about alumni and teachers… e-mail them to: PearyHS[AT]iicsdc.clark.net so the rest of us know you’re around and what you’re up to – your friends want to know and would like to hear from you! What you think might be “trivial” news, the rest of us are in the dark, period, unless we hear from you. So, thank you for your contributions so far, and DO stay in touch!

Bob Lau, Class of 1976

From: Neal Lee Pizzano (1976) npizzano[AT]erols.com Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 Subject: Last Minute News Flash

NEWS FLASH: BREAKING INFORMATION. Jay Wenger, Class of 76 alumni stricken with Lupus, has been hospitalized with a high fever at Suburban Hospital in Maryland. Any well wishes for his recovery would be greatly appreciated.

From: Lisa Talmud (1981) funyallie[AT]pacificnet.net Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 Subject: A Peary grad from 1981

Well I was known as Lisa Salsitz in high school, and graduated under Lisa Talmud. (a parent marriage thingy!!) And I go by the name of Allie Raye now. Here’s my story. I am living in Sherman Oaks, Ca. and I am an actress. Yes!! I even work too…Yea…You can see me on my home page at: http://www.pacificnet.net/~funyallie

I have so much to say, but the most important thing to say is you all can watch me on the episode of High Incident, channel 7, ABC TV, air date is November 7th at 8pm. I am the heavy red head with my hair up in a ponytail freaking out about her cat. It is the earthquake episode. So, please all watch…I have done alot of work in commercials and movies, and this is my first prime time television show, with hopefully many more to come.

I would love to find some of my classmates from 1981. If you know anyone’s email address, please let me know. I go to switchboard.com every once in a while and you might be able to locate some ppl, but I dont have too much luck. Anyway, I keep in touch with Tim Wheeles and Bob Slowey and some others, and Tim sent me this letter. Please send me the Midnite Sun. I look forward to participating in it. And if you want any info on me, just ask.

By the way, I have lost 99 pounds so far. It has taken a year, but I am on my way and more than half way there. The publicity shot on my web page is old, but under “my personal page” you can see me as I look today. The other one is from a film called King Of Osaka, and I am in character with curlers. Tee hee.

Take care and best of luck with this. I am coming home Nov. 8th, the day after my tv show airs, anyone get together???????

Hope to hear from you soon……..Looking forward to it.

Lisa Talmud (aka Allie Raye), http://www.pacificnet.net/~funyallie If you spread your dreams before you… like a stairway to the sky… no star you ever reach for… will ever be too high!!!

P.S. No kids, thank god and no hubby thank god again…hehehh Married to show biz. (heheheh)

From: Lorrie Corcoran-Kiefer (1976) AXNV20A[AT]prodigy.com Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 Subject: Peary High

Hi Bob…I was pouring through the “memory mate” and came across your address. I wasn’t able to make it to the reunion but have had a great time reminising. We’re living here in South Jersey about 45 minutes out of Atlantic City.

Lorrie Kiefer (Corcoran)

From: Neal Lee Pizzano (1976) npizzano[AT]erols.com Date: Sun, 3 Nov 1996 Subject: Updates on previous stories

To all: I must apologize for not following through with information on the class of 76’s latest classmates to pass away.

1. Frank Santilhano – Autopsy confirmed Frank died of a massive heart attack. Even if paramedics were standing next to him at the time it occurred, they wouldn’t have been able to revive him. Rest in Peace now Frank.

2. Jim Gazenski – The information revealed by his brother Tom was that Jim died of a broken neck. It is believed that Jim sustained the injury falling down a flight of stairs. We know nothing more at this time, and earlier reports of a heart attack were based solely on speculation. Rest in Peace with Frank, Jim.

Again, I apologize for not passing this info on to all of you prior to the last publication of MSO.

From: Neal Lee Pizzano (1976) npizzano[AT]erols.com Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 Subject: More Sad news about Alumni

The following was sent to me from Stanton Boteler:

From: Stanton Boteler (Teacher) sboteler[AT]umd5.umd.edu Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996

Recently read in The Montgomery Journal that Jeffrey Varney, a Peary grad [Class of 1980] and until his death a high school counselor not far from here passed away . . . left a wife and 2 kids.

Yesterday one of my sisters telephoned me from her home at the ocean to tell me that the well known and highly regarded Ocean City restauranteur NICK IDONI [Class of 1975] (Nick Idoni’s House of Ribs at Ocean Highway 141st Street or thereabouts) took his own life [Monday November 4, 1996]. His body was found in a soybean field in Lewes, DE; he died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound.

Thought you might like to know this.

Stanton Boteler

From: Stanton Boteler (Teacher) sboteler[AT]umd5.umd.edu Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996

My sister telephoned again last evening about Nick Idoni. He died in the manner I described, and there [was] a liturgy held this morning [11/15] at St. John’s Catholic Church in Frederick. He is survived by TWELVE siblings, his parents, his two daughters, and their unmentioned mother; he buried one daughter.

This really saddened me! JSB

From: Neal Lee Pizzano (1976) npizzano[AT]erols.com Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 Subject: Reunions & Family Peary Connections

Well the Class of 1977 20 year reunion has started. That is, preliminary work on getting everything set up has begun. I’ve provided them with an updated list of classmates (with the help of Sandy Van Dusen), and they have been turned over to The Reunion Company for verification. Their reunion will be on August 9th, 1997 at the Gaithersburg Holiday Inn. If you have been involved with a Peary Reunion, or, are planning one, get in touch with me, PLEASE. I can help you with future reunions AT NO CHARGE TO PEARY ALUMNI. I am trying to update my Peary database. I now have reached over 9730 names, including teachers. I still have alot of gaps, i.e. missing alot of addresses. I have the following classes filled in: 1972; 1975; 1976; 1977; 1980; 1982; 1983. I am looking for all classes 1963-1984 PLUS any grad from 1985 & 1986. The latter having to actually graduate from another high school because of Peary’s closure. My database is designed exclusively to assist you in your reunion. I have an area for e-mail addresses, too. But the major point of my list is to have a cross reference between you and your brothers and sisters. So, if you have any brothers or sisters that have graduated from Peary (or belong to that special group from 1985 & 1986) send me their names, addresses, year graduated, and e-mail address (if they have one). Many of you have already done so in response to my request in an earlier issue of MSO, so “Thanks” for helping to fill in the gaps. This is basically aimed at the several newcommers to MSO and the Peary High Connection E-Mail Listing.

E-Mail me at npizzano[AT]erols.com or call at 301-929-6155 and leave a message.

Neal Pizzano Class of 1976

From: Bob Lau (1976) blau[AT]clark.net Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 Subject: Personal Update

My apologies to a few of you that I haven’t had a chance to personally reply to yet, but I’ve been extremely busy with the acting work and the freelance video editing as I continue looking for the “perfect” job to go back to full-time. But if the acting keeps up, I may reconsider my casual search! I’ve recently done some on-camera narrations for industrial programs, and I’m smack in the middle of work on the Jodie Foster movie “Contact” which is filming here in DC for a couple of weeks. I worked with both Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughy in outdoor scenes last week, today we did scenes with James Woods, and tomorrow will be scenes with Jodie Foster again (indoors). The movie is based on the Carl Sagan book and is being directed by Robert Zemeckis (who directed “Forrest Gump”). I got a lot of close-up shots of me today… but the 3AM call times and going until 9:30 at night has been a killer… it’s now pretty late and I just got home not too long ago, but have to be there again at 5AM (but I’m determined to get this distribution out tonight)! If I make it through this movie shoot, I have another principle role in a Postal Service industrial on Thursday.

Hope you’ll all watch for my role in NBC’s “Homicide” (Friday nights) on December 6th (the date as far as I know) in an episode called “Control.” If you follow the series, I’M the lucky one who’ll be delivering Detective Kellerman’s Grand Jury summons. I worked in the scene with Reed Diamond, Richard Belzer, and Michelle Forbes (known as Ensign Ro on Star Trek: The Next Generation). Michelle Forbes plays Julianna Cox, the new-to-the-show Chief Medical Examiner. I’ll try to put out a notice when I’m positive this is the airdate – so I hope you’ll catch it or tape it! She’s also broken her ankle recently (in real life), so watch to see how this is written in in up-coming episodes. I also know the “romantic interests” that develop through the season, but I’ll never tell!

Other than that, Kristy is still working and taking distance education classes, we both still do horseback riding each week, and things are going relatively well (despite having no full-time work). I’ve also had a few inquiries as to when I’ll be throwing another Rosecroft Raceway bash, but nothing definitely planned yet. But, alas, I need to end this, and get the newsletter distribution out, and try to go and get a couple of hours of sleep. So stay in touch, and until the next issue… Happy Thanksgiving All!

Bob Lau

P.S. PLEASE visit the new web site – especially all of you new folks to the
Peary distribution list – you’ll find everything to-date there.

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Volume 1, Number 4, November 1996