Bob Lau put a lot of time and energy into creating the Midnight Sun Online. And we hope to continue in his honor by rebuilding the site that was lost after his passing. So, please be patient as we work on designing and building this site from the content we were able to recover from Bob’s site.

It took a couple of years to scan, compile, optimize and encode into the website all of our yearbooks. It was a team effort to get all of the books, scan every page and create the content into a page turning effect. The following people made it happen:

Project Manager and Programmer Stu Kushner
PDF Scanner Paul Gindes, Judy Barbee Harris, Eileen McLucas, Tracy DiFulgo
PDF Management John Cangemi
Book Donors Guy Goodwin, Gale Senseman-Privette, David Ricklis, Judy Barbee Harris, William Giarth, Steve Banks, Eileen McLucas, George Depp, Russell Griffin, Jim Conte, Tracy DiFulgo

Special recognition needs to go to Paul Gindes. He scanned the vast majority of the thousands of yearbook pages. It really was a herculean and mind-numbing effort. But he did it and we are all very thankful.