Written by Stu Kushner

Midnight Sun Online v01n10 May 1997

Volume 1, Number 10, May 1997

-The Online Newsletter for Robert E. Peary High School Alumni-

MSO WEB SITE – http://www.pearyhs.org


Hello Huskies:

REUNIONS: Summer is approaching and so are several class reunions. If you’re in the class of 1967, 1971, 1972, 1977, or 1982—it’s time to get on the ball and contact your reunion coordinator if you plan on attending the events and haven’t made your reservations yet. Updated information is available on the website.

HAPPY HOURS: Attendance of alumni at the weekly Friday Night Gatherings has been growing. As many of you know, these happy hours are scheduled in advance and all alumni are invited to join in. The May 23 gathering will be held at The Gulf Coast Kitchen in Bethesda, and May 30 will be at The Magic Cue in Germantown. See the “Events” section on the website or write to Neal Pizzano at npizzano[AT]erols.com to be placed on the happy hour updates list.

PEARY HIGH SCHOOL NIGHT AT THE RACES: In the past, I’ve thrown a relatively large gathering that seems to have become an annual event—only now, looks like it’s going to be a “Peary Reunion.” If you like horses and betting on ’em, we hope you’ll be able to join us for this multi-class party. All Peary alumni, staff, and friends are invited. We’ll have a private “party” area, our own terminal and teller for placing bets, door prizes, dinner, cash bar, our alma mater in the program, pace car rides, etc. Even if you don’t like the ponies, you’ll enjoy the food and the company! This event will be held at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD, right off the Beltway. Tentative date is July 12. The date, dinner choices, price, and other details to be confirmed—check the “Events” section occasionally for detailed information on this soon.

PAST MSO NEWSLETTERS: Though we’re all “online,” not everyone has the capability to browse the Web. Past issues of the MSO are available at the website, but for anyone who wishes to receive a back issue via e-mail, all you have to do is send an e-mail message to

(where yy=year, mm=month)

e.g. to receive the February 1997 issue, send e-mail to MSO-9702[AT]iicsdc.clark.net

Nothing is required in the subject line or the body of the message (it’s a machine – no text is going to be read!) ….Want the ENTIRE LOT? Send a message to MSO-ALL[AT]iicsdc.clark.net —but it’s not recommended, since the collection is large and only grows each month—unless you “really” want to get caught-up!

DR. DUMAIS: There is a short blurb in this issue regarding Peary’s last principal, Dr. Richard A. Dumais. Dr. Dumais is not online, but after you read the information, you might want to send some get-well wishes to him for a speedy recovery. Please contact Neal Pizzano or myself if you wish to contact Dr. Dumais. TO DR. DUMAIS, who is a mail subscriber of this newsletter: All of your students, during your term and prior to, wish you well!

Fellow alums, we’d all like to know what you’ve been up to, so send us your news items for the next issue of the MSO. The deadline is Saturday June 14.

Enjoy the May 1997 MSO,

Bob Lau
Editor/Webmaster, The Midnight Sun Online

From: Jackie Rupel (1980) jrupel[AT]theriver.com Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 Subject: From Lisa Rupel

I certainly appreciate being able to correspond this way. It’s nice to know my Peary classmates are still alive and kicking. I only attended Peary in 12th grade, but I have many fond memories. I’m wondering if you could help me. I am trying to find my best friend, Anita Scodari. Class of 77 to 79. If anyone has knowledge of her whereabouts, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!

From: Ruth Kaneshiro Fujita (1970) ruthf[AT]htdc.org Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 Subject: Ruth (Kaneshiro) Fujita (1970)

Mary (Pratt) Rhiel sent me snail mail copies of a couple newsletters and I was delighted to visit the website today. I was just in the White Flint area visiting my sister-in-law in March and thought about cruising by dear ole PHS to show the kids where “mommy went to high school”. At 10 and 6 six years old, they weren’t terrible enthused so I had to forego that indulgence in nostalgia. Every time I rode the Metro I scanned the crowd hoping to see a familiar face. By the last day of our trip I finally resigned myself to the fact that 27 years is a long time and I probably wouldn’t recognize a classmate if he/she was sitting next to me. It was nice to hear about a few ’70 grads on the webpage.

Of the Peary HS grads in my family, Cheryl (Kaneshiro) To (1968) lives in New York City with her artist husband Maciej Toporowiez (some of his work is also viewable on the web). She just resigned as the long time General Manager of Keens restaurant and will be spending time here in Honolulu and Southeast Asia to develop the cuisine for her own restaurant.

I returned to Honolulu in 1970, graduated with a degree in Biology from UH and have been here ever since. Currently working with a biotech start-up in operations. Married, two sons, three cats, one dog, one lovebird and a Jackson Chameleon. Keep up with Mary Pratt, Cathy Wilson, Stephanie Goldstein and Beth Ciperson whenever she visits here. Got a call from Art Chapman while he was stopped here on a merchant marine trip.

Stan (1972) lives in Kodiak, AK, owns own home, boat, all-terrain vehicles, hunts bear, moose and anything else that moves, keeps the Honolulu family supplied with salmon, crab, clam, halibut, scallops and occasional moose steaks. Spends his bachelor days traveling and enjoying life.

The younger sibs returned to Honolulu before HS but Brookhavenites might remember them. Stuart is a chemist and Lynne is an entymologist, both single surfers (waves as well as web).

Well, gotta go pick up the kids.


From: Bryant Brooks (1974) HAN2BRY[AT]aol.com Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 Subject: Event Idea

Hey guys, let’s try to find a place to have a big crab feast. This year I will help out. Sorry I missed the bonfire.

talk to u later—Bryant Brooks

From: Michael Glick (1984) sally.glick[AT]cdsi.com Date: Mon, 28 Apr 97 Subject: MSO Update

I wanted to let everyone know what I am up to these days. After graduating from Peary in 1984, I attended St. Mary’s College of Maryland. I lettered in basketball for four seasons and in baseball for two seasons. More importantly, I graduated with a BA degree in History in 1988. While I was there, I met my lovely wife Sally (whose mother, Sari Hines, was in the first graduating class of Peary 1963 and wrote the Peary school song) and we were married in August of 1991. We now have a ten month old son (Robert Stanley Stoddard) and our family resides in Germantown, Maryland.

After graduation from college, I spent five years as a college basketball coach at both Montgomery College Germantown and Columbia Union College. At both schools, our teams were fortunate to capture district championships and win a place in their respective national tournaments. This success enabled me to land the head boy’s basketball coaching position at St. Vincent Pallotti High School. Ironically enough, I was hired for the position by Dr. Dick Dumais – our principal at Peary. I have just completed my fourth season at Pallotti as a Social Studies teacher and basketball coach. This past season, we finished with a 26-5 overall record and tied for first place with DeMatha in the WCAC North division at 10-3. We were ranked as high as 2nd in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, 3rd in the state of Maryland, and 8th in the Mid-Atlantic region. Amazingly, all of our success occurred while starting four juniors and with the first two players off the bench being sophomores. Next season should be very exciting – look for us in the newspapers!

I would love to hear from all my old classmates at Peary. You can reach me at sally.glick[AT]cdsihq.com.

Michael Glick

From: Kerry Daniel (aka Mary Hight) (1965) KERYDANIEL[AT]aol.com Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 Subject: Address for Lynne Moore (’65)

It has come to my attention that a number of alumni from the ’65 and ’66 classes have been trying to locate Lynne Moore. I should get the Sherlock Holmes Award for this one: I found her! I had a wonderful conversation with Lynne this evening and she would love to hear from former classmates.

[Note: Lynne has joined us online since Kerry’s news—you can contact Joy Lynne Moore Bent directly at tlbent[AT]doitnow.com or e-mail Kerry Daniel too! Thanks, Kerry.]

From: Kristin Lucas (1966) lucask[AT]mscd.edu Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 Subject: Classmate update

Do you remember Sandra Searles? She is now Sandra Dickinson and lives in England where she has made a career for herself in television. She was married to Peter Davison for 10 years (he was one of the Dr. Whos and has also been on more BBC and PBS productions than Carters has pills). Sandra was on The Benny Hill Show, had a part in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, was in Superman III, and most recently, did an episode of Tales From the Crypt. Sandra did not graduate from Peary either as her family moved to Bethesda in 1963. Her brother, David, did, however. He lives with his wife Sandy McNinch (also a Peary alum, class of 1963) in Laguna Beach, CA.

From: Bob Lau (1976) blau[AT]clark.net Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 Subject: Dr. Dumais

Recently, Dr. Richard Dumais, the last Principal of Peary High School who now lives on the Eastern Shore, was seen wrapped in bandages. We understand that he has had some surgery. He’ll appreciate “Husky prayers” I’m sure.

If you would like to contact Dr. Dumais and send him some get-well wishes via postal mail, please contact Neal Pizzano at npizzano[AT]erols.com or me, Bob Lau, at blau[AT]clark.net and we’ll be sure to forward to him for you.

From: Pat Mattingly Estes (1972) Danrust132[AT]aol.com Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 Subject: Being introduced to a previous teacher by your daughter

Hi to all! I thought I would share a story with everyone and see if you can relate to it, as I did.

How would you feel if your child received their schedule for the following year and noticed that they are going to have a teacher that you had when you went to school? Well, that happened to me last year. My daughter had her schedule mailed to her last summer, for 9th grade this year. When I looked at it and noticed the name of a teacher I had in school, my jaw dropped. My daughter, Jennifer, is attending Magruder High School and is being taught History by, none other than, Mr. Ken Brace. I know he was young when I had him, in fact he was probably barely out of College, but you just don’t think of that as ever happening.

Well, I want to tell you, she’s had a ball with it. She took my “old” yearbooks in to school and was showing all of her friends, and Mr. Brace, his pictures and mine. I shudder at that, as my pictures were hideous looking back then. Mr. Brace, however, was very nice looking and I must say, he still is. Yes, I met up with him again. Jennifer was dying to take me to him and introduce us all over again. I don’t know how, after all the kids he’s taught and all the years that have passed, but he said he remembered me.

In fact, to all the alumni of the Class of 1972, he paid us a very nice compliment, by saying that he remembered our class well and thought we were a great group of kids. For the other alumni, don’t take this too personally. He probably just said that for my daughter’s benefit.

Well, I gotta go! Lots to do. Thanks to Nancy Katen Carlstrom [1972] for giving her mom this web site address to pass on to me.

For anyone in the Class of 1976, yes, I am the sister of Rick Mattingly and am now the sister-in-law of Linda Estes. If you would like to reach either one of them, LMK. FYI, Linda is married and living in Florida, Rick is single, but involved, and living on the Eastern Shore.

Pat Mattingly Estes, Class of 1972

From: Janelle Burke (1974) jbtm[AT]erols.com Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 Subject: PEARYITE WEDDING

Hi—thought someone out there may be interested—

Janelle (Jan) Burke (Class of 1974) and John (Tony) Maris (Class of 1975) are to be wed in Lake Tahoe, Nevada on May 19th, 1997. Best Man: Chuck Bower (Class of 1974); Maids of Honor: Sandy Webb (Class of 1974) and Kathy Norris (Class of 1974)—ENTIRE WEDDING PARTY FROM PEARY! It’s got to be good luck!

Some points of interest—Tony and I did not know each other in High School (although I kinda remember a long-haired “rowdie” in a purple fringed jacket!!) In fact, we had been dating each other for about a year before we realized we were both from Peary. Was it FATE OR WHAT?! Also, the wedding party will be meeting in Tahoe from across the nation—Chuck now lives in California and the rest of us are still here in Maryland.

Thanks for all of your good work – Jan Burke jbtm[AT]erols.com

[Photos of the wedding are on their way and will be mounted on the website soon.]

From: Bob Lau (1976) blau[AT]clark.net Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 Subject: Reunion Reminders

A quick reminder that if you wish to place an advertisement in the 1971 25+1 Reunion booklet, the ordering deadline is May 25 (no exceptions). 1/3-page ad costs $30, 1/2-page $50, and full-page $75. Contact Roz Rubin at 301-762-3669 for further details.

Also, the 1971 reunion committee is still seeking help with any information on sports and old sports films that may be tucked away from the Peary years 1968-71. They wish to set up a “memories corner” at the hotel the night of the reunion. Old “home movies” would be great. Contact Barbara Dentz Riley at 301-607-9430, or e-mail her at timm[AT]erols.com if you can assist. Thanks.

The Class of 1982 regularly updates its “missing person” list. If you might know the whereabouts of 1982 classmates or if any of your siblings are on this list, please contact Karen Kushner at kushiek[AT]aol.com—the 1982 Questionnaire was due May 16; nevertheless, please update your information if you haven’t already done so.

We have not received any recent updates for the Class of 1977 Reunion. Contact Sandy VanDusen Forbes, reunion coordinator, for further details.

All the latest information we have on all reunions is available on the website. A Class of 1972 update is given later in this newsletter and is available online as well—and there is an online form for submitting information via the 1972 Reunion Questionnaire.

From: Gary Costello (1966) irishguy[AT]crosslink.net Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 Subject: May MSO Newsletter

Hello everyone!! I am back for a few weeks from combining busy work related meetings with some international travel. Just returned from a meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece. Thessaloniki, for those who have not been, is a busy seaport community with rush hours as bad as ours. Different exhaust standards though. The folks there begin work about 9 or 9:30 AM, get off at 2 or 3, join friends for a “frapee” (a version of iced coffee) in an outdoor cafe, go home for a nap, and then go out for dinner in a particular part of town with night clubs and restaurants. They again decend for a second sleep at about 3 AM to return to work the next AM. No one is overweight as their diet consists of octopus, shrimp, squid, salads with yogurt. Not a lot of drinking, but a lot of smoking. You can enjoy the neatest ruins near Thessaloniki, including the tomb of Alexander the Great, almost unharmed. The people are friendly and pride themselves in an art of traditional dancing, which even the young carry on.

Prior to Greece, I was in Buenos Aires for a meeting. Buenos Aires is another polluted city with many less privately owned cars like in Greece, but several thousand old taxis. However, there are few overweight people. The women dress in the latest short fashions with high heels, and are very well-groomed. Most of the women, actually, in Buenos Aires are 18 to 25. Others are believed to have gone to Brazil or other countries for work, which can be scarce. In Buenos Aires I received continuous attention from the Ministry of Justice and was treated to a very formal orchestral concert in a beautiful and very old theater. It was difficiult to leave the city because of business. But I am told Northern Argentina is beautiful.

Several business trips in the US planned: New Orleans, Rochester, Savannah and Nebraska….etc. Hope everyone is ATTEMPTING to enjoy life to its fullest. Hope to see some of you at one of these Friday nights.

From: Dean Peters (1977) petersd1[AT]westat.com Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 Subject: submission of article

Warmest regards from chilly Rockville from those of us from the ‘other’ Peters family; my brothers George (’74), Glenn (’79) and myself, Dean (’77).

This year seems to be the year for post-graduate graduations, with George receiving his CS degree in Environmental Engineering from the Colorado School of the Mines this past December, and myself, a CS degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering from Hood College this May 17. Hopefully, this will be the last time both of us have to don the cap and gown, although I think I’ve figured out that the extra stuff on the sleeves of a masters cap-n-gown can be fitted to contain an 8-inch sub sandwich on the left, and a 16 oz soft drink on the right. Still no place for the M&Ms.

For more boring and/or self-serving information about me, my family and my friends, please feel free to visit my website at:

BeanerSpace – http://members.tripod.com/~ctpeters

For those church-goers who would like to see some of my other WWW handi-work, please check out:

Redland Baptist Church http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/redlandbaptist/

Romanian Chapel Construction Project http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/meandean/

Looking forward to seeing many of my friends at the reunion this year… Constantine “Dean” Peters, class of ’77

From: Jeff Torri (1980) torrij[AT]giccs.georgetown.edu Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 Subject: Kyle Dean Rouse

I’d like to announce the birth of Kyle Dean Rouse, to Greg (’80) and Diana Rouse on Thursday evening, May the 8th. All are doing well. Greg and Diana were married the summer of 1995 and live in Deep Creek Lake Maryland where Greg teaches (high school and skiing) and Diana is a social worker for the county. Greg hopes to have Kyle barefooting by the Memorial Day weekend. Congratulations!

From: Jacquie Padgett (1972) KHDCom[AT]aol.com Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 Subject: Peary Reunion Update 1972

The Peary High School Class of 1972 will be holding an informal reunion the weekend of June 27th through the 29th, 1997. The events are as follows:

Friday June 27th Daytime. Golf with Peary 1971 Alumni at Little Bennett Golf Course. Limited openings to this event are still available. Cost $65.00. Details to be sent by mail. Response and money due no later than June 7th. First come basis.

Friday June 27th Evening: 8:00 pm. Reunion night at Tavenner’s Silo Inn, Georgia Avenue, Olney, MD. Cover $6.00 per person. Jr. Cline and the Recliners will provide music. Pay at the door. Food and beverages additional.

Saturday June 28th Evening. Reunion night at the Magic Cue, Germantown Commons, Germantown, MD. Cover $5.00 per person.* Providing music: Red Line, featuring alumni Dave Johnson and Rob Kilgore. Pay at the door. Food and beverages additional.

Sunday, June 29th Daytime. Family picnic. Location to be announced. * Bring your own lunch.

The class of 1971 has invited ’72 alumni to join them at their 25 + 1 reunion. $65.00 per person covers Friday night social, Saturday night dinner and dance and Sunday family picnic. Response and money due no later than June 7th. Complete information will be mailed to alumni with exact dates, times and details.

If you have relocated in the last 5 years, please contact Jacquie Padgett:

e-mail: KHDCom[AT]aol.com Fax/daytime M-F: 301-933-1947 Voice mail: 301-933-2176

Please leave name (including maiden name), current address, phone number, e-mail and fax number. Hope to see you there!

[* Note: The location for the picnic and the cover charge at Magic Cue are being confirmed—update/changes to follow. Please DOWNLOAD the 1972 reunion questionnaire from the website or fill-in the blanks using the ONLINE FORM (better). The information submitted online will be sent directly to Jacquie.]

From: Randy Crittenden (1969) Critten[AT]erols.com Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 Subject: Randy Crittenden (1969)

It was great to find a “Husky Homepage” and to see so many names from the past. Thanks to everyone responsible!!

I graduated in ’69 and have stayed in the Montgomery-Frederick area ever since. I am married with four children ranging in age from 26 to 7. My wife, Eileen, is a paramedic with the Damascus Fire Department.

Like many of my fellow ’69 graduates (John Flickinger, Don Freitag, Mike Mancuso, Steve Howells, Sandy Sullivan), I joined the Montgomery County Police Dept. in the early ’70s. I have worked at all five stations and I am now the district commander at Rockville. I plan to retire in October after 27 years of service.

Besides working most of the time, I keep busy playing in a classic rock – oldies band called “CONDUCT UNBECOMING”. We play at several bars and clubs in Frederick and Gaithersburg. I hope you catch us before long. I’ll be the one on the bass guitar.

It’s amazing how many Peary grads I run into all the time. Now I will tell them about this homepage.

See ya.

From: Bob Lau (1976) blau[AT]clark.net Date: Sat, 17 May 1997 Subject: Movies and Wedding Bells

Exciting summer coming up as far as the theatre screen goes. First, I’m grateful that I wasn’t cut from “Private Parts” (they probably didn’t edit out much in the first place). Haven’t seen it, but I’ll wait for the cable version, nonetheless. Same with “Air Force One” in which I had a very minor role that will probably wind up on the cutting room floor anyway. But “Washington Square” and “Contact” are different stories—keep your eyes open in these two… also “Wag the Dog” where both Kristy and I are in scenes with Dustin Hoffman, Robert Dinero, and Ann Heche. Cross your fingers for reruns of my “Homicide” episodes too (so I can get a few more paychecks smile). Production on Homicide begins again in July for the fall season.

Movie Production Update for the area: Universal Pictures is currently shooting “For Richer or Poorer” in Westminster, Havre D’Grace, and Aberdeen, MD. “Virus” will be filming in Norfolk, VA for 3 more weeks. “Species II” starts production here at the end of June for 11-12 weeks. Steven Spielberg’s “Deep Impact” will be here for two weeks in June. “The Day Lincoln Was Shot” begins shooting in Petersburg and Richmond, VA in June for a month. Also in the works “Lucid Days” and “Falling to Pieces.” Now whoever said that there was no such thing as “Hollywood on the Potomac?” In the past year, local actors working freelance pulled-in over $14M for themselves—not too shabby! So when these flicks are released, know that they were shot here and that you’ll be supporting your local starving artists—a few of them from your alma mater. Speaking of Spielberg, a recent “hit” to the website came from a computer at Dreamworks, Spielberg’s production company on the west coast. Do we have an alumnus working for Steven who’s lurking—or could it have been Mr. E.T. himself??

I recently had the opportunity to meet and chat with Cliff Robertson because of my Screen Actors Guild affiliation. A charismatic “legend” in his own right and one of the forefathers of the movie industry—you probably remember him as JFK in “PT 109” and his role in “Charlie” as well as an AT&T spokesperson, plus 46 other movies from way back when. Enough of the acting stuff.

For those of you close to the Class of ’76, Ed Wheeler and his fiance, Elizabeth, will be married on Saturday May 24 in Bristow, VA. Ed served on the Class of ’76 20-year reunion committee. Congratulations!

On a memorial note, ’76 classmate Jim Gazenski’s picture and a tribute are on display above the fireplace at Nickleby’s Restaurant in Germantown where Jim worked before his untimely passing. A photo of this placard will be placed online soon.

From: Nancy Rigterink (1977) Apaschalls[AT]aol.com Date: Sat, 17 May 1997 Subject: HI- HOW ARE YA DOIN’?

Hello classmates, etc.

I’m now in Tacoma, WA and have been here for almost 3 years. Was in Portland, OR for 10 out of the previous 12 years prior to that. Two kids – Sarah is 9 (3rd grade) and Christoper is 7 (1st grade). Married almost 13 years to Alan Paschall. I’m a mom at home – helping at the kids’ school for now. Was (am?) a cardiology nurse, but haven’t worked for the last 4 years. I’d love to make it back to the reunion, but it looks like we’ll be on vacation at that time. If plans change, will try to make it.

See you ?sometime?, Nancy (Rigterink) Paschall

From: Neal Lee Pizzano (1976) npizzano[AT]erols.com Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 Subject: FNG – Contest Entries

Well, here it is. The list of ideas to identify ourselves to one another when attending the Friday Night Gatherings. First, I will list the ideas, then, I will expand on them.

Nametags a. pre-printed (with no name) handed out at the gathering. 1) with a husky on it 2) with a “P” on it b. set up on the web page. can fill in name and then print 1) with a husky on it 2) with a “P” on it
Printed picture of a husky suitable for “pinning or taping” to one’s clothes.
Miniature Ships Bells (pinned on shirt/blouse or other piece of clothing)
Blue and White baloons placed at the location where we all meet in the bar/restaurant.
Hats a. Baseball caps 1) with letter “P” like on Letterman’s jackets. 2) with a husky 3) with “R E P” on it 4) with “Peary” in cursive lettering b. Golf visors. Visor imprinted with: 1) with letter “P” like on Letterman’s jackets. 2) with a husky 3) with “R E P” on it 4) with “Peary” in cursive lettering
T-Shirts a. with letter “P” like on Letterman’s jackets. b. with a husky c. with “R E P” on it d. with “Peary” in cursive lettering e. with the school seal f. a,b,d, or e with a husky on the back (other ideas can still be submitted if this is the winner)
Letterman’s Jackets
Pom-Pon/cheerleading pins
Buttons a. with letter “P” like on Letterman’s jackets. b. with a husky c. with “R E P” on it d. with “Peary” in cursive lettering
Hang Blue and White Crepe Paper (if the bar will let us.)

The ideas, somewhat expounded upon…

Nametags, though it’s difficult to see nametags in a dark and/or crowded room—they’re cheap enough anyway, especially if “online” where you would just type in your name and print the thing out.

Miniature ship’s bells—that work. They might annoy other patrons, but an occasional ringing would attract those looking for us.

Blue and white balloons in the bar/restaurant wherever the “group” is situated. That would attract attention (if the bar let’s us put them up).

Hats would be great, noticeable in a crowd, especially if a group is wearing them. Baseball caps with the original “P” like the letterman’s jacket—or a husky. Or golf visors.

Lots of people have suggested t-shirts.

Letterman jackets would be neat—but those leather things can get expensive.

Another idea—print out the husky picture from the web and stick it up somewhere—cheap and easy.

Well, those are the ideas. Now all you have to do is send in a vote BY NUMBER AND include the breakdown for specific type where appropriate. Next month we will post the winner.

Thanks for ALL the input. Hope to see you one Friday Night!!!

Friday Night Coordinator Neal Pizzano Class of …..Who cares?

The Midnight Sun Online – http://www.pearyhs.org

Midnight Sun On-Line
Volume 1, Number 10, May 1997