Written by Stu Kushner

Midnight Sun Online v01n07 February 1997

Volume 1, Number 7, February 1997

-The Online Newsletter for Robert E. Peary High School Alumni-

WEB SITE – http://www.clark.net/pub/pearyhs


Hello Huskies:

Here’s the seventh issue of the Midnight Sun Online (MSO). Welcome to those of you joining us for the first time. . . we’re glad you’re here! Numerous thanks go out to everyone who has helped in spreading the word about all of this. THIS is good gossip. In the past four weeks, or so, only one day has gone by when Neal Pizzano (1976) and I have not added a name to our growing e-mail listings. Keep it up people. Thank you!

A very special thank-you to Laura Vandevender Collins (1973) who volunteered, and has converted the newsletters to HTML-coded files for us at the web site (in other words, she is spending a lot of time and is using her expertise to make it look nice for your web browsers, for you non-computer geeks). Send a quick note of appreciation to Laura at hattie[AT]oz.net when you have a chance!

Neal Pizzano continues as the point-of-contact for collecting and maintaining the e-mail addresses, as well as the “keeper and updater” of the database that stores the names of the 10,000+ students who attended our alma mater. Neal is currently working with the classes of ’71, ’72, ’77, and ’82 reunion committees to assist with finding classmates and passing along his experience as a member of the 1976 class reunion committee. Neal and I coordinate daily to double-check all of the information we receive, so we can pass it along to you. We’re also in touch with the “Peary Staff Alums,” the teacher equivalent of what we’re doing here. Neal and I were invited to, and attended, their reunion luncheon last fall. Drs. Dunn and Brennan, as well as a room full of your favorite teachers, were there (scary, huh?). More on this as we strengthen the ties between the two “alum” groups. Maureen Difulgo Bladen (1976) has been coordinating activities with the Staff Alums.

The web site has seen some improvement in the way of additional links and photographs, including another article with pictures about a Peary alumnus in the news, Paula Marshall (1982), who is a cast member of the NBC series Chicago Sons; a tribute to Dr. Dunn; additional historical items on Admiral Peary, including pictures of the artifacts we had on display at the school— we began construction of a page with teacher and administrator pictures— see if you can remember who they are. A link will soon be added somewhere on the site, either from this issue (once it has been coded) or the “People in the News” link that will point to a Donna D’Errico page. As you will see, Bob Ibach (1966) has been busy with his work, promoting the rising star and the Inside Sports swimsuit issue. For now, the URL is provided after one of Bob’s articles so you can have a sneak preview. Donna’s personal e-mail address is there too for you fans.

The web site is continuously updated. You can visit to get past issues of the MSO, alumni news, the updated e-mail list, alumni web links, and reunion information. There are several links to alumni business sites on our home page that we provide. If your company doesn’t have its own web site, you might consider having one done for you on our web site in a future advertising section where your products and services will be read by all your former classmates! E-mail me for rates, services, and other questions you might have for this soon-to-be feature. Also, we’ll be adding “current” photos of alumni— again, e-mail me if you’d like to have your picture and/or your family’s photographs digitized and placed on the web site for a nominal donation. All proceeds for these services are used to support our online efforts (server space, mostly). Donations for services, or plain old “donations” because you’re a Husky and enjoy the web site and newsletters, can be charged to a Visa or Mastercard!

One last item I wish to mention. Many of you received an e-mail solicitation from an organization called ClassMates, an Internet-based high school alumni contact company. The Midnight Sun Online is not associated with any business endeavor or entity. The fine print on our web site specifically states that information retrieved from the site is not to be used for commercial purposes and further, requests that it not be used for unsolicited e-mail marketing as this company does, and did. You will NEVER be required to pay anything for submitting items and information, or for access to any of the news and information on the MSO web site, a site created out of old ties and in the spirit of tradition that all Robert E. Peary High School students know of. If you receive this sort of unsolicited e-mail in the future, please make us aware of it. (If anyone who received this note still has it, with all the recipients, I’d appreciate it if you would forward it to me. Possibly Debbie Laios Wetzel, Karen Lattea, Bill Leffler, got it. Et al?)

The deadline for the next issue of the MSO newsletter is Saturday March 15, the Ides of March (“I’m your vehicle, baby…” for those OLD enough to know what I’m singing about; the original version circa 1971). Remember that YOUR contributions are the articles for the newsletter!

Bob Lau (1976) – The Midnight Sun Online

P.S. One of our first “organized” multi-class get-togethers will be this coming Saturday at Dave & Busters in Rockville for the Screen Actors Guild Awards Dinner/Gala, a charity “party” and live telecast from Los Angeles with local celebrities on-hand… Baltimore Ravens, Arch Campbell, the Homicide cast and crew, et al. We look forward to seeing you folks who have reserved tickets for this event and hope to see the rest of you at an another event in the future. There is a dinner party at Rosecroft Raceway currently in the works— check the web site often for updates!

Now, on to the news….

From: Greg Luther (1981) gluther[AT]logicals.com Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 Subject: Paula Marshal Class of 82′

FYI – Paula Marshal, class of 1982 is a Model/Actress

She has been in numerous Commercials, TV Shows, TV Movies and Motion Pictures. Some specific shows I can remeber A few years ago there was a show about a family who had a daughter and a son named Corky with downs-syndrome. I can’t remeber the name of it. Anyway, the daughter was having a relationship with a guy (Played by Rob Lowes brother) who had aids. There were about 3-4 episodes where Paula played a girl who the guy started seeing.

Seinfeld – She was one Seinfeld’s Girlfreind in an episode a few years back.

She was in a Sofdrink comercial, I beleive it was Coca-Cola.

There is a new show on now called Chicago Sons. I’m not sure if she’s a regular or if she is just in an upcoming episode but I saw her on a commercial for the show recently.

Just thought you might want to know.

Greg Luther (81′) gluther[AT]logicals.com

One other note – Wasn’t Roy Gerela, Kicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers during there glory days, a PHS alum?

[Paula Marshall, Class of ’82, can be seen at the “People News” link on the MSO web site. Roy, I believe, attended Peary only his Sophomore year — which year, maybe someone can tell us. -BL]

From: Barbara Nicolaisen Van Dyke (1974) bvandyke[AT]dc.infi.net Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 Subject: Hello PHS Alums!

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this web site today and find that there are lots of us with a common bond out here in cyberspace. My name back in the old days was Barbara Nicolaisen, today I’m Barbara Van Dyke. Hello especially to those of you from the class of 1974 and the other early to mid-seventies folks who may even remember me, my sister Anna Nicolaisen (class of ’71) or my brother John Nicolaisen (class of ’67). I spent a couple years while in school on the Midnight Sun staff, so what a surprise to find it still in publication of sorts.

After graduating from Peary in 1974, I attended the University of Maryland, graduating from the College of Business in 1978. I met my husband Bill Van Dyke at Maryland (at the Vous, for those of you familiar with College Park) and we married in 1983. I went on to a brief career at NCR Corporation followed by my current multi-faceted career as an at-home mom (2 daughters ages 7 and 10), comptroller of our family business (a mortgage brokerage) and Girl Scout leader. We live in Glenn Dale, Maryland.

Many of you who attended Aspen Hill Elementary in the 60’s and 70’s may remember my mother, Jane Nicolaisen. She was a secretary there. She passed away after a long illness this past October.

Some news about former faculty member and Spanish teacher Kathy Sheehy. She is married to University of Maryland assistant basketball coach Billy Hahn (who coincidentally student taught at Peary). I haven’t spoken with her in a several years, but I see her at the Maryland games; you may even be able to see her on tv when the games are on—her seats at Cole Field House are behind and a bit to the right of the Maryland bench. Their son plays on the team this year. She also looks pretty much the same.

I am in touch with a couple of other 1974 alums and I will be sure to pass this URL along to them.

Thanks to Neal and Bob for putting this web site together.

Barbara (Nicolaisen) Van Dyke Class of 1974 bvandyke[AT]dc.infi.net

From: Chip Hines (1967) chines[AT]fema.gov Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 Subject: Hello

Glad you are doing this! Any word about a reunion for the class of (gasp) 67?

You should include in your alumni Dr. Kenneth Prestwich (Professor at Holy Cross) he has a home page at Holycross.edu. Also from the class of ’67 is Brigader General Richard Capka who recently was promoted and took command of an office in California… maybe a news item?

Also, since my sister Sarah Mckay, registered me with you, I guess you know about her, but she is the one who wrote the school song…



From: David Rogerson (1971) rogersod[AT]des13.od.nih.gov Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 Subject: David L. Rogerson

Graduated Class of 1971. Married to Linda, two children, son 15 yrs old (Joe), daughter 9 yrs. old (Katlin). Currently live in Boonsboro, Md. on top of South Mountain. Have small horse farm where my family and I raise Appaloosa Horses. Work at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md. Recently attended a wonderful Holiday party at Carol Stewart Buck’s home in Laytonsville, Md. Numerous Alumni attented , including Roz Rubin, Rick Seiling, Barb Noonan, Nina Lattora, John Snaposki, and I am quite sure I’m forgetting someone. Snap as he is known to the world is still my running partner. He lives in Middletown, Md. which is approximately five miles from me.

We were reflecting back during the Holidays about how nice it is to still have so many friends around from our school days. Roz and the rest of the Reunion Committee deserve a great bit of thanks from all of the Class of 1971 for working so hard to keep everyone informed. This newsletter is a great idea and thank you all for your time and efforts.

From: Cathy L. Stubbs Willett (1982) CWill20913[AT]aol.com Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 Subject: Peary Alumni, 1982

Graduated 1982, now residing in Frederick, Maryland and I’m married to Ralph (Eddie) Willett a graduate of Richard Montgomery, 1976. We have 3 children. Eddie has a 15 year old son, Shawn, from his first marriage. We have 2 boys together. Dusty will be 9 in Feb. and Brandon will be 4 in April. I have been in the real estate industry since before graduation. I work for a real estate firm in Fairfax, VA. My husband has his own title company in Rockville, MD doing title searches for various attorneys.

I was really excited to see the Peary web site and have now read it all. I feel like I’ve been reading for hours, it’s almost 1 a.m.. The newsletters were great!!!

I think at last check I was told my class had lost my address. So if you would kindly add me to your database I would appreciate it. If you want to email me feel free!!

Thanks and Keep in touch!

Cathy Stubbs Willett

From: Neil Gimon (1982) gimon[AT]dittberner.com Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 Subject: MSO web site

I did not know this site existed! After I checked out the site, I have been speaking with several other Peary Grads, to have them check the site out and register with it. Anything I can do to help this site along, please let me know. It’s very good to know that while Montgomery County may have forgotten PHS, somebody has not!

In your list of traditions and information about PHS, you mention about the Husky, who is buried in the Senior Court.

If I remember, according to Mr. Clark, the Pipe Band sponsor, the other husky’s ashes are in an urn, sealed in the stone bell tower in the front of the school.


Neil Gimon gimon[AT]dittberner.com

From: David Depp (1975) SolaGratia[AT]msn.com Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1997 Subject: Update

If you are the same Bob Lau I remember, we used to sit next to each other in Acapella. We were both baritones (“peerless” in our talent, of course). You used to pretend you were Chinese and say, “How you do!” when you saw me. When people would give you a hard time, you would say, “Leave me alone or I go back to China.” Remember?

I married a Peary girl—Sharon Lohr, class of ’77. I am back in school again getting my PhD in Theology. I’m losing my hair, but am otherwise just as cute as ever (gag me with spoon, man).

From: Rudy Porter-Lauer (1976) rporter[AT]alf.tel.hr Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1997 Subject: Update

We had a small get together at Dave & Busters when I was home from Croatia in December with Darrell Moy, Jim Hage, Neal Pizzano, Kim Faupel Dykstra and her husband Gary, and Sandy Van Dusen. It was fun to see them – mostly for the first time in ten years.

My sister Paula (Peary ’72) won a major bagpiping event last year in London and another in Vancouver. She was even on the cover of Piping Times magazine in Scotland – quite an achievment for an American. This week she is in San Diego competing. If she wins, she usually gets a trophy and another trip, so the whole thing is self-perpetuating.

I spent last week in Moscow. It’s a whole new city in the year since we moved to Zagreb. There are alot of new building projects in preparation for Moscow’s 950th birthday this September. For most of our Russian friends, though, life is worse now than it was a year ago – and that was bad. Schools closed in January because there was no money to pay teachers, and the healthcare system has now completely collapsed.

My wife, Barb, was in the Belgrade demonstrations on Thursday night (1/30). Watch for her on CNN.

We’re going to a friend’s house tonight for a Mexican food party. I don’t know how she got hold of tortillas in Zagreb.


From: John Strong (1977) strongj[AT]nemoc.navy.mil Date: Sun, 02 Feb 1997 Subject: class of 1977

Well, I’ll make this short. I was cruising the internet from here at my work in Naples Italy and I ran across this page…Hmmmm well I am still alive and gettin ready to retire and move to Turkey for good.

It’s been along time since I have been back in Rockville. I am a meteorologist for the US Navy and have been for some time. I wish I could be there for the 20th reunion. But I’ll be here in Italy. Next week I am going to Adana Turkey for a little R & R with my wife Emel who is Turkish. I am so curious what happened to everyone…I’ll drop a line later or anyone can write, as any mail is appreciated in this country…Everything runs slow here in Italy…


John S.

From: Bob Ibach (1966) Bobdunk[AT]aol.com Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 Subject: Hello from Chicago

It’s been really great getting all the Peary updates over the past couple of months. Being out here in the Midwest, it’s great to keep up with old friends.

I’ve been in Chicago since 1981, when I moved here with my family to become the Chicago Cubs director of public relations and publications. Prior to that, I had been a sportswriter with both the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun newspapers, covering the Orioles, Colts, Redskins and Bullets over the years. Also did several years of radio work for CBS in Baltimore.

In 1979 I began to do more feature writing and eventually got into writing three books, all of which were published from 1979 to 1983. The one I probably enjoyed the most was entitled “Caught In The Net.” It was about how Clemson University basketball coach Tates Locke bent the rules behind the scenes and eventually got caught by the NCAA. The movie “Blue Chips” with Nick Nolte used the book as a basis for that movie a few years ago. Tates and Nolte could be brothers, they look so much alike!

I stayed with the Cubs until 1989 and have been in the sports marketing and PR business ever since. I own a company in the NW suburbs of Chicago and currently have 11 clients, including the PGA Tour, Brunswick, Bayer Aspirin, the Topps trading card company, Inside Sports Magazine and Eco-tech, maker of one of the more interesting products to hit the marketplace in 1996—it’s called Bug Ban, an insect repelling wristband which can also be worn on the ankle. Protects you from mosquitoes, bees—bugs of all kinds… See webpage at www.lasalle.edu/~ibachk1 (kudos of my son, Kevin, now a freshman at LaSalle University in Philadelphia and also a very good second baseman on the baseball team).

Just completed a very interesting PR project for Inside Sports in January, handling the publicity for its annual swimsuit issue. The cover model is Donna D’Errico of Baywatch and we will be going on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Feb. 12—hope old Peary grads give it a look—or give Donna a look!

Still keep in touch with a few of the Peary grads and have gotten a few involved with the Bug Ban project—several of our national reps have made some nice money off this product and I’d be interested to share that program with any Peary grads who contact me.

Keep up the good work with the Peary webpage. It really shows just what a great school we attended how everyone keeps in touch, one way or another.

Best to everyone…

Cold in Chicago…(Bob Ibach, Class of 1966)

From: Gary Tuthill (1973) gjt[AT]lsiinc.com Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 Subject: a brief history

Hi fellow nostalgicators,

Brief version of my life after high school: two years at Air Force Academy, a year of travel & manual labor to depressurize, then 3 years at U. Maryland, graduated with BS Computer Science 1979. Bummed around again for awhile (recurring theme, you’ll see), went to Athens, GA for a few months to live with a girlfriend. Left there fall of 1980 for Boston.

Some urban adventures in Boston, moved to a co-op house in Medford, MA, got a software job at Atex doing publishing systems. Then a year at Xyvision (same stuff), then 8 months off (traveling & relaxing). A year at Scitex (graphics), then back to Atex. In ’88 I married Carol, also a programmer at Atex. She was older, had a 13-y.o. daughter from a previous marriage. We lived in Bedford, MA. I celebrated by taking a few months off, working as a carpenter.

Back to software at Alden Electronics (weather systems). After 4 years, moved to Logos (language translation). In ’94, Carol & I separated, and divorced a year later. We still get along, no kids. I moved to Watertown, MA. Last May, Logos closed the office in the Boston area. I took advantage of that to leave my job again. Traveled in Europe & Pacific, came back last Dec.

Some Logos software buddies convinced me to interview at LightSpeed Int’l (Sterling, VA), and I bit, so I moved back to the DC area. We’re a startup, doing phone systems. I’m sharing an apt. near Dulles Airport with a guy from Uruguay. It feels odd to be back after 17 years. Things seem crowded & overdeveloped, compared to New England. The zillions of townhouses around here are way too much, somehow.

About ten years ago, I bought land in central Maine. Carol & I built a cabin, and I’ve gone there regularly for R&R. It’ll be less often now, but I’ve worked a deal for unpaid time off from the job. I’m still drawn to New England, and may end up there again. (Maybe I’ll pinch hit for the Unabomber.)

Despite having a few rough edges smoothed by the world, I guess I never managed to improve my image much. I drive an ’89 Toyota pickup. I still have a few T-shirts from the ’70’s. I tend in a vegetarian direction. My politics swung from ignorance to rightish to very left to “who the hell knows?” I never got used to long hair, and now I find piercing of body parts, whether done by Marines or “normal” kids, to be bizarre. However, my wardrobe is no longer based on polyester, I’m glad to say.

Following my HS running habits, I guess I’m addicted to “dumb sports”, as a friend of mine calls them. I still run regularly, though I haven’t raced in quite awhile and my knees are showing their years. When it snows (like last winter), I do some XC skiing, and in warmer weather, cycling.

Like a lot of people, I suppose, I wish I could do high school again with a little of what I think I’ve learned since then. I think I’d have more fun and be less serious and awkward. But that would be asking for having & eating cake, too. In any case, whether I’m wiser or not, I’m happier than I was then. I’d like to hear from any of you who went through that “trial by hormones” around the same time.

Cheers! Gary Tuthill (still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up)

From: Gail Milstead Moore (1973) mc.moore[AT]mci2000.com Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997 Subject: Looking for a Teacher

I would love to get in touch with Ms. F? (I think – Mrs. Weinstein after graduation?) who taught DECA classes at Peary in 1973 and also doubled as a guidance counselor. She gave me a piece of advice, in the form of a note in my senior yearbook that read “good luck in your future, I hope that you always make sure that your heart agrees with your head and you will go far” or something along that line of thought. My yearbook along with most of my belongings (my life) is in storage until my husband, children and I relocate to Tennessee. Anyway, I have always wanted to thank her for that thought. I followed her advice and I believe I am a much better person for it. If anyone knows who the hell I am talking about (I suffer from mental pause) and how to get in touch with her, I would be most grateful!! Gail Moore (Milstead)

From: Randy McClement (1974) RAMOFMD[AT]aol.com Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 Subject: MSO Article

My name is Randy McClement. I am a graduate of the class of ’74. I am currently living in Frederick, Maryland. I am married (Maryjane) and have a daughter (Melissa -11).

I am Director of Community Management for a company in Germantown, Maryland. We manage Homeowners Associations and Condominium Associations.

My Brother-in-Law is Danny Beltowski (also, class of “74”). He and my sister (Judy McClement Beltowski – Class of “75”) live in Gaithersburg, Maryland. They have a 13 year old son – Michael. Danny has his own home improvement company called Carpentry Creations. They are not on-line, so if you want to get them a message, I will be happy to get it to them!

This is a great idea! I applaud everyone who is involved in this and encourge them to continue the effort!

I would love to hear from my fellow class of “74” class mates! E-Mail me & let me know what you have been up to!

From: Bob Ibach (1966) Bobdunk[AT]aol.com Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 Subject: Baywatch update

The hits just keep on comin…

In addition to the appearance on Leno’s show on 2/12 in Los Angeles, we have just booked Baywatch star Donna D’Errico on Conan O’Brien, set to run on Thursday, 2/27. I’ll be in New York City that day for the taping.

Update: when D’Errico was in Chicago on Tuesday (2/4), we did radio and TV interviews from sunrise to sunset—over 25 interviews in one day. She is a real pro, not to mention having a great story to tell. In the current issue of Inside Sports magazine, Donna is featured in one shot that was taken in a predator lagoon at Paradise Island in the Bahamas—in 12 feet of water. She is positioned on a chaise lounge, with no mask, wetsuit or regulator, watching an episode of Baywatch on an underwater TV.

Inside Hollywood scoop on Donna: Favorite drink: coffee—takes 4 packs of sugar in each coffee!!! And she drinks about 5 cups or more a day…Honest. And she is 5-4, 107 pounds. How does she do it! Oh well, there must be a secret there somewhere…

Meanwhile, staying cold in Chicago…best to everyone…Bob Ibach (Class of ’66)

[Editor’s Note: If you wish to write directly to Donna D’Errico, her e-mail address is vipergirl6[AT]aol.com—a transcript of her February 12 online chat, with photos, is available here on the MSO web site: http://www.clark.net/pub/pearyhs/text/derrico.htm ]

From: Neil G. Gimon (1982) gimon[AT]dittberner.com Date: Thu, 06 Feb 1997 Subject: Entry for Feb MSO

I graduated with the Class of 82. Since graduation, I have been busy with school and work. After spending time in Arizona, and at Arizona State University (Go Sundevils!), I transfered to Towson State University for the last year. I graduated with a degree in Communications, and a minor in Archeaology/Anthropology. I spent 3 years in radio, working for various stations on the Eastern Shore, primarily with WZBH, Delmarva’s home of Rock and Roll. I use to be the night guy, Neil at Night (Not my idea).

Since moving back to the DC area, I was the Director of Marketing for Takeout Taxi, the restaurant delivery company. I helped them grow to become the biggest restaurant delivery company in the country.

I am currently with Dittberner Associates, a telecommunications consultant group, that works with the biggest international telecom operators and manufacturers in the world. It’s a job I love, being able to speak with others around the world, and to travel. At the end of the month, I am off to Baharain, in the Persian Gulf, for a larger Telecom conference.

I have been married to Anita Ambrogi for eight years. She is a graduate from Einstein High School, in Kensington. She works with Principal Health Care, am HMO, in the Provider Relations Department. We have a son, Gregory, who turned 4 years old today. We have another son on the way, due April 11.

We have a house in Kensington, which had an electrical fire that destroyed half of the house, and a lot of our things. Thanks to 2 insurance companies, and a great crew of contractors, we are back in a new and improved house. Unfortunatly, this fire force us to move back into our house 2 days after the big snow storm of last year.

My sister, Sally, graduated from Peary in 1984. She went on to graduate from Maryland, spend 2 years in Poland, with the Peace Corps, travel across Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific (she took the long way home). She is currently in Graduate school at Thunderbird, in Phoenix, studying International Relations.

I was not able to attend the 10 year reunion, but have heard all about it. The other members of the Cross Country team from Peary that graduated with me have remained in close contact with each other. I think that they will be soon logging on to this site.

This is a great site, and can’t wait to see it grow in the future!

Neil Gimon Class of 82

From: Bob Lau (1976) blau[AT]clark.net Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 Subject: Winter

Just wonderful…the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow and Murphy’s Law takes over…it snows again. And I’m still stuck here in Germantown! Well, as far as the acting work, it slowed a little in January, though I worked in Stern’s movie the first of the year, but it picked up again with some industrials (US Postal Service, playing an disgruntled CUSTOMER, not an employee; and World Health Organization), a print job…heck, you stand there and let them take your photograph while being paid g, and I did a reading at Ford’s Theater for a playwright named Anna Deavere Smith for the play that is finishing up there soon, “Twilight: Los Angeles 1992″—good experience and fun, getting to deliver my lines on the stage where John Wilkes Booth landed and twisted his ankle. I’m still waiting for another appearance on Homicide when they turn my character (a Process Server) into a recurring role (subsequently, a recurring paycheck). They air the series in Europe, so I’m hoping to see some residuals arriving in the mailbox soon too!

Oh, I also worked an episode of Chicago Hope as a reporter in a Senate Hearing scene with Senator Kennedy (the real one), Ron Silver, and Christine Lahti. I don’t know when it airs, but you’ll know it when you see Christine Lahti faint in the the hearing room and Silverman giving a very long and drawn-out testimonial. (Maybe the reason Christine’s character faints—tune in and find out .) Jack Kemp also makes a guest appearance in this episode. Wow, Lahti is rather tall! Silver wore elevator shoes.

Other than that, I still do some ocassional freelance video editing work, producing commercials for Behnke Nurseries and Mastercraft Interiors. Hey, that’s where it’s at you know…plants and furniture. Uh huh. What else…the water heater busted and flooded the basement! Our two cats are doing well, Kristy’s doing well, I don’t sleep anymore, and I’m catching spring fever. I recently started a home page for “us” and will have Kristy’s art there, along with my acting stuff and our various vacations…California, Florida, NY, Ireland, and later this year, Toronto. It will be Kristy’s first time there.

Kristy and I are looking forward to the gala benefit at Dave & Busters later this month during the Screen Actors Guild Awards—it’ll be good to meet a bunch of Peary folks that I don’t know, or maybe I’ve just gotten a mild case of “CRS” and I’m losing my mind g. It’ll also be a good opportunity to hob-nob with the casting directors and producers to give the acting work a little boost, hopefully! If you’re near the tube that evening (Feb. 22), be sure to watch for alumni on a live feed from NBC during the telecast, or on the news afterwards.

And finally, I was recently appointed to one of the councils for the Screen Actors Guild local to help in negotiations with the numerous feature film producers and companies that come to DC often.

Okay, more blabbing next month…did someone say “spring?”

Bob Lau, Class of ’76

From: Barry Gold (1972) BGold[AT]prodigy.net Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 Subject: Class of 1972 Reunion???

Has anyone heard of any info for the class of 72 reunion plans?

Barry Gold

[Information in the last article of this newsletter, or CLICK HERE!]

From: Mike Holder (1968) HOLDER[AT]vitro.com Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 Subject: Update

Michael Holder class of 1968, graduated from North Carolina State University in 1972 with a BSEE. Shortly thereafter (two days to be exact) I began work at Vitro (yes the company just down the road from Peary). I have been employed here since. At Vitro I met and in 1975 I married Anne Marie Wolf class of 1972. We have one child, a son, Michael Jr. born in 1990. He is now a first grader at St Judes. My work experience has been somewhat diverse. I worked as a designer and tester of the Cruise Missile Weapon System which gained significant fame during Desert Storm. I have aided the Canadian navy, the US Army, the US Air Force, the US Navy and currently support the FAA and NASA. For the FAA I am working on the Terminal Doppler Weather Radar which is or has been installed at 47 cities/airports in the US. For NASA I am working part time on the Cassini project which is the satellite which will be launched later this year to study Saturn. I have held many positions while here from section lead to group supervisor, however, I think being a plain old engineer is most to my liking. It is what I studied to do.

Outside of work I have found ways to keep busy. I enjoy woodworking (I have made over 40 standing baby cradles which are in use from Rhode Island to South Carolina at last report. Until this year I was an avid softball player (modified fast pitch and slow pitch). After several surgeries I have decided to retire. This is much to the liking of my family.

I have also kept involved with a few things. I served as President of the North Carolina State University Alumni club in the DC area (over 2500 members); President of the Vitro 15 Year club (a company service program which adopted the Make-A-Wish Foundation as their chief fundraising issue); Past Grand Knight for Blessed Manyanet Council of the Knights of Columbus (a Catholic mens service organization, for which I conduct an annual yard sale to raise money for Children’s Hospital held in April each year – just in case someone has something to offer); Scoutmaster, Unit Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner, Vice Chairperson for Finance and now Pack Committee Chairperson with the Boy Socuts of America (I figure over 15 years of involvement which they honored me with the National Silver Beaver Award).

In case that is not enough boring material, it is worthy to note that my family and I live in the same house that I grew up in while attending Peary. Some folks might consider this to be a rut that I am in, however, I like the old neighborhood. Some nice people live/lived there.

By the way has anyone contacted Robert Clark, history teacher and sponsor for the bagpipe band. He moved on to Rockville HS and then to Richard Montgomery HS and was noted as having finally gotten married, but I have lost track of him.

Have a good day.

From: Kevin Peckham (1971) KPeck30808[AT]aol.com Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 Subject: News Item for Midnight Sun

Brian Peckham (class of 1963) and his wife Sylvia had a baby girl on Jan. 31st. Baby’s name is Brianna Colleen Peckham. Brain lives in Platteville, Wisconsin where he is a professor of economics at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville.

From: Bryant Brooks (1974) HAN2BRY[AT]aol.com Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 Subject: Just a little news

Hi I just found you all thanks to Kevin my baby brother. Let me tell you how I have doing.

First I have been married for over 20 years. I have three beautiful children. I have already have one in college who is going to St Marys and is studying to be a doctor. Next is my 15 year old who is also very bright and is a world rated Karate champion. So far she has won MD state four years in a row. She has received a national championship 3 out of 4 years, won 3 golds 1 silver in the Pam Am games in 1996, bronze in the US open last year which gives her world rating. 2/11 she goes to Colorado, to compete in the US OPEN again in both jrs and srs div full contact Karate. She trains 7 days a week and is trying to get on the national team for the world championships then hopefully 2000 olympics. I have a son Bryant 11 yrs old and doing real good in school and is playing in most sports. Football is his favorite. I own a home improvement business and my wife Mary (Worden) Brooks is a Credit Mgr at the roof center. We are still active in church which is the center of our marriage.

From: Bob Ibach (1966) Bobdunk[AT]aol.com Date: Sat, 15 Feb 1997 Subject: Conan O’Brien appearance—update

Hope the Peary gang was able to catch Donna D’Errico of Baywatch, my client, on the Leno show this past Wednesday night (2/12)…she did a great job and even got in several “plugs” for my main client, Inside Sports Magazine—which is why they hire me, I guess.

Anyway, the Conan O’Brien show is now set for Feb. 27 in New York. We will tape that early evening and it will be shown nationally later that night. She’ll get into talking about her experience in the shark lagoon, where she was photographed for one of the shots that is running in the current issue of Inside Sports’ swimsuit edition. That shot, by the way, took 6 hours to record and the area was guarded by over a dozen scuba divers with knives in hand—just in case one of the 11 species of sharks got too close and wanted to bite Donna (I’ll be all the guys from Peary wish they could have been a shark for a day, hummmm!) Oh well.

She’s a great gal to work with and the experience at the Leno show was unbelievable—even if I had to put up with Donna’s 4-year-old son for three hours back in her dressing room. The kid had eaten half a box of chocolates sent to Donna and was bouncing off the walls…

Some great backstage stories to tell you in the future about that—got to sit in one of Leno’s 30 cars he owns—a new Vipor. He’s a very down-to-earth person, loves the Chicago area, and loves the Chicago Cubs (my old employer). We talked with him afterwards, got the necessary PR pictures done for the trades and other key publications, and it really turned out to be a nice experience, one that I will remember.

Hope you had a good week and we’ll talk with you soon.

Bob Ibach (Class of ’66!)

From: Carole Stein Dibo (1976) CDibo[AT]aol.com Date: Sat, 15 Feb 1997 Subject: MSO

I loved seeing everyone in July at the 1976 20-year reunion. Although I didn’t get the chance to spend as much time as I wanted with everyone it was wonderful to be with old friends.

My life is quite full these days, with 3 daughters 11 , 7 and 2. Living in Chicago is a blessing during spring, summer and fall, but boy do you pay for it during the winter months.

After Peary I spent 2 years at MC in the theatre department and then went to Actors Stage Studio down on Dupont Circle where I met my husband. (Almost 17 years ago!) During the early days of my career I did alot of extra work on major films, enough industrial training films to fill a small warehouse, commercial work and believe or not I was a petite runway model. I also did a good amount of print work and voice overs. I thought I was prepared for the Chicago market when we moved here in 1989, but this was a whole diffrent ball game. Luckily, I’ve had some success. I did a few industrials for McDonalds, O’hare Airport, and a huge spot for IL. Bell, the kind that people in the drug store recognize you, and a commercial for the Chicago Tribune as well. I was also in a long running production of The Children’s Hour directed by Jeremy Piven’s (TV show Ellen’s brother) sister. After the show closed I had my third daughter and now that she is almost nursery school age I’m putting my headshots back into the ring and will start auditioning again this spring.

I have loved having “Peary On-Line” each month, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with some special people that otherwise would have remained only memories.

Best Wishes to Everyone from The Frozen City of Chicago!

Carole Stein Dibo

From: Constantine “Dean” Peters (1977) PETERSD1[AT]westat.com Date: Sat, 15 Feb 97 Subject: Submission for newsletter

Hello and warm greetings to all the Peary High School alumni from that other Peters family. That’s George (class ’74), Dean (class ’77) and Glenn (class ’79).

George has been living in Colorado ever since hurricane Andrew re-ventilated his home in Miami. He’s still playing with things nuclear, and trying to keep up with his jockette wife Chris. He can be antagonized at glpeters[AT]msn.com. If you do bug him, make sure you tell him how great his younger brother is 🙂 (y’all know I’m just kidding about this sibling rivalry stuff … don’t you ?).

Dean (a.k.a. Constantine, the laugh, hey #%!^@@), got tired of the NYC thing. At the time I was singing for the Center for Contemporary Opera and the American Opera Center, but didn’t like all the mandatory lifestyle choices during the off-hours required to make such a career happen. I just finished getting a masters in computer science, mostly to convince my wife I need a Pentium Pro 200. Actually, I’m a Sr. Systems Engineer (head-geek) at Westat in Rockville, and can be reached at petersd1[AT]westat.com

My next singing gig is February 23, 6:00pm at Redland Baptist Church. I will be singing the Bass soli in the Rockville Chancel Choir’s production of Mozart’s Missa Brevis in B-flat. Personally, I like the piece, though I find it a bit too brief for my tastes (ugh!).

Glenn, now wrestles with pipes and toilets as the last honest plumber. He’s working with Matte plumbing, and believe it or not, has managed a technique to fix toilets and what-not without showing even the slightest of butt-cleavage (appearently, those in the industry refer to it as BCL). He still possesses the most extensive knowledge of all the best fishing holes in Rockville.

Oh yes, and thanks…to Neal P., Bob L., ted, alice, sacco, vanzetti, and all the others who have contributed to make Midnight Sun Online possible. It makes it a lot easier for those of us who have to drive by the old school on the way to work or the store.

Constantine “Dean” Peters…Best Laugh Class of 1977

From: Neal Lee Pizzano (1976) npizzano[AT]erols.com Date: Sat, 15 Feb 1997 Subject: Reunions, Reunions

This is the year MSO will test itself with reunion information. Most of you have already read about the class of 1971 and its 25 + 1 reunion this coming June at the Gaithersburg Hilton. Others have seen the info on the class of 1977 and its 20 year reunion this coming August at the Gaithersburg Holiday Inn. Some of heard about both. Well, now there is MORE reunion information to be spread around. The class of 1982 is starting to put together its 15 year reunion set for this October. Details have not been worked out yet, but classmate Karen Kushner is working hard at getting the details worked out, and will let everyone know as soon as possible. In the meantime, classmate from 1972, Jacquie Padgett, has been working with what little time she has to spare to put something together for 1972’s 25th reunion. She’s actually looking around the same time as the class of 1971, in June, so that many of the 71 and 72 alumni can rekindle some of those multi-year friendships. Details of where and exactly when will be revealed very soon. By the way, Jacquie is looking for assistance on this year’s reunion as she can’t devote the same amount of time she did on the 20th. And those ’72 alumni that attended, know what a great job she did then. Please let her know what you can do to assist with the class of 1972’s 25th reunion. AND you DON’T have to be a member of the class of 1972 to assist!!!!! I’m from the class of ’76, and Jacquie already knows she’s got my help. E-mail me at npizzano[AT]erols.com if you wish to help with ANY of the reunions, but especially 1972 and 1982, or, e-mail Jacquie for the class of 1972 at khdcom[AT]aol.com, or Karen at KushieK[AT]aol.com for the class of 1982.

Thanks, and best of luck at everyone’s reunion this year!!!

From: Bob Lau (1976) blau[AT]clark.net Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997 Subject: Yikes

Well, amazingly enough, as far as I can tell, I just received a reply from Donna D’Errico of “Baywatch” and Inside Sports swimsuit issue fame who had this to say about Bob Ibach, Class of 1966, who is working with Inside Sports on Marketing/PR for Donna (who’s on the cover of the issue):

From: Donna D’Errico VIPERGIRL6[AT]aol.com
To: blau[AT]clark.net
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997




Cool! Well, as she says in her online chat, she reads all her e-mail.

[If any of you are interested in writing to her hubby, rocker Nikki Sixx, his e-mail address is SIXXDOG[AT]aol.com]

From: Bob Ibach (1966) Bobdunk[AT]aol.com Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997 Subject: Inside Sports

Glad to hear Donna had nice things to say. Thus far, we have gotten her on over 25 TV interviews and 30 radio interviews…next big one is Conan O’Brien Show on Feb. 27…other big hits have included Leno (Tonight Show), E!, Entertainment Tonight, WGN-TV (superstation), CNN, and Conan O’Brien show (upcoming). We also had TV interviews on ABC, NBC and CBS which ran in various markets around the country. We had a half hour show on One-On-One Sports Radio Network which got us into over 320 markets!

—Bob Ibach

P.S. Just started two neat memorabilia sports projects involving famous baseball broadcaster Harry Caray and another with the estate of Jackie Robinson, the famous ballplayer—first black to make it to the major leagues in 1948 for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Also, Peary grads, I have a client who produced the limited edition Super Bowl footballs (real leather) with final score of the game and with SB XXX! logo in gold. These are identical to ones which were used in the recent Super Bowl game in New Orleans. Real nice piece of history!

Normally sells for $150 or more…I can get for any Peary grads interested for $99 each while supply lasts, since the company behind these balls is my client and I can get a special discount. Only 1,500 of these made…as of today, less than 200 remain.

Each football comes with a letter of authenticity. For another $25, there is an acrylic case to put the football inside—makes for a great presentation. I get the cases at cost.

Peary grads can email me or leave message at my home office.

[E-mail me for Bob’s phone number if you need to call. blau[AT]clark.net]

From: Neal Lee Pizzano (1976) npizzano[AT]erols.com Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997 Subject: MSO Mail Subscriptions

Yes, the heading is correct. But, most likely, you’re reading this because you have a computer and have received this as part of the Peary Alumni Connection. However, several of you know of someone out there that does not have a computer. They may wish to receive the MSO through the U.S. Mail. Bob and I have discussed the matter and have decided to extend the MSO to ALL of the Peary Alumni we can reach. This means if you know someone that would like to receive the Midnight Sun Online, but doesn’t have computer access, they can now write in and get a subscription mailed to them. Many of you know what the past 6 issues have contained. Great stories about alumni and what they’ve done since graduation. Reunion information, Birth announcements, and yes, information regarding those whom have left us to join God’s Kingdom. All in All, the information has proven to be an invaluable resource to all Peary Alumni, including faculty. We will not let the spirit of Robert E. Peary High School die! Call friends, faculty, and parents of alumni and let them know about the MSO subscription being offered. Subscriptions will be offered in two ways. A 6 month subscription beginning with the current edition at the time of start-up to the service, and a 1 year subscription starting the same way as the 6 month. To start a subscription, please write to:

Midnight Sun Online-Subscription c/o Neal Pizzano 4817 Listra Road Rockville, MD 20853-3124

Include on a 3 x 5 card, or a postcard: Your Name, Status, Address, City, State, Zip and whether you want the 6 month or 1 year subscription.

Note: Status is either Alumni and class of graduating year Friend and class associated with Parent of alumni (list all graduating years) Faculty and former department.

Friends of Alumni are most welcome as some of you may have gone to Peary, or at least, grew up with Peary People, but graduated elswhere. Class of 1985 and class of 1986 People, please incude the “other” school you had to attend as a result of our school’s closure.

A 6 month subscription costs $15.00 to cover printing, postage and handling. A 1 year subscription costs $24.00 to cover printing, postage and handling. Please make checks out to MSO-Subscription.

We will try to mail out all subscriptions within 1 week of publication on line. Cancellations will be accepted by phone at 301-929-6155. Computer access will always remain free. All persons subscribing, will be placed on a new location within the Peary Alumni Connection E-mail list showing Name, Status, and State of Residence. Thank You for your support in keeping the spirit alive. Remember, we were taught to “Find a way, or make one”. And that’s exactly what we intend to do.

Neal Pizzano Class of 1976

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