Written by Stu Kushner

Midnight Sun Online v01n09 April 1997

Volume 1, Number 9, April 1997

-The Online Newsletter for Robert E. Peary High School Alumni-

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Hello Huskies:

As many of you know, the Midnight Sun Online has a new URL (above)—lots of you have already visited the revised site. A special thank-you goes to David Thompson, Class of ’86, who is the web site coordinator at Clark Internet Services, for going out of his way to improve the access to the web page and allowing our files to be placed on a server that is specifically dedicated for this purpose. Many thanks to David and Clark Internet Services! I have been working with Jamie Clark (owner of “ClarkNet”) for all of my personal and business requirements for over three years now—and if you’re looking for a full-service Internet provider, though Clarknet may be slightly more expensive than other services, you can be assured of personal attention and features the other services don’t provide. Visit them at www.clark.net —and if you sign with them and tell them we sent you, you’ll also be helping us out with some bonuses that benefit the Peary MSO Home Page.

Attempting to keep this introduction brief, I did want to mention the above, but also that appreciation goes to many of you who have recently donated financially. This has allowed the securing of the new home page URL. The costs associated with the account and maintenance of the Peary/MSO site is upwards of $125/month—or more than $1500 a year. (Hmmmmm…. 10,000 students… that’s 15-cents a year if we had EVERY student online—but we don’t, unfortunately. Our count as of this newsletter is about 500 online participants—$3 a year.) If you can help out with donations, we can keep the spirit of our Alma Mater alive indefinitely.

ALSO, a special welcome to many of the former Staff, our mentors and role models, who have just joined us recently! New features on, additions to, and statistics for the web site are embedded in the newsletter below. Credit is due on this round to The Washington Post for featuring our web site in the March 27th Style Section.

We’d all like to know what YOU’RE up to, so send us your news items for the next issue of the MSO. The deadline is Saturday May 17.

Bob Lau (1976) – The Midnight Sun Online

On to your news…..

From: Carolyn Barranca (1966) carolyn[AT]barranca.com Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 Subject: Midnight Sun Online

Hi this is Carolyn Monto Barranca, Peary High Class of l966. I live in Frederick, Md., just a few miles from Rockville. Am proud to say I graduated in the top 99 percent of the class and have worked hard at living up to this rep. I now own two businesses an ad agency and a new internet electronic village, http://www.frederickbiz.net so please visit soon. We are trying to build the system and things are really going very well. It’s intense. You can also visit Barranca & Associates home site, at http://www.barranca.com and see how well those of us with D averages came out.

I was married for 25 years, have two grown sons. I do stay in touch with some of my classmates but would love to find some old friends. Ellen Barnard, Mary Jane Fearson, Phil Trick, Jeanne, Kathy and Sharon Orban.WHERE ARE YOU?

I’d love to hear from anyone? Also, I always am looking for freelance writers and designers. Life’s a ball, gimme a call. Carolyn

From: H. Laura Vandevender Collins (1973) hattie[AT]oz.net Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 Subject: I Will Find a Way or FAKE One

Some of these strange mottos and will never go away. Same with the memories of the staff. Like Mr. Clarke. He’s definitely going to go down in history (no pun intended) as one of the best. I am a small person, and Mr. Clarke looked like a mountain to me. Scared the hee-be- jeebies (sp) out of me for the longest time. His yardstick. I think he used that in every class. There was always some dolt that would fall asleep, and get the crap scared out of all of us. How about the glass of water thing and what sort of use or power could be derived from it? The bagpipes. That man must have adored us all. I think most of us respected the man. One of the few classes I ever learned anything in.

From: Neal Lee Pizzano (1976) npizzano[AT]erols.com Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 Subject: Contest..of sorts..

In order to “identify” ourselves to other Peary Alumni at our Friday Night Gatherings, a great suggestion came in to have buttons made. They could say “Peary Alumni”, or “FNG” with Peary High Alumni on it, a white “P” on a Navy Blue background; whatever you can think of. Another idea came in with a “color print” of the husky off the web page and laminate it. Then wear it like an ID badge.

So, let’s make this a contest..of sorts. Make some suggestions as to what you think the ID badges should look like, or what the buttons should say. Keep in mind, we don’t want reference to the graduating year because this is for staff members, too. The whole purpose of this is to break down that barrier of age, because that means nothing in this kind of setting. We are all ONE family, of sorts.

Once we get a list of ideas for badges or buttons, we then will have a majority vote to choose the single favorite. No prize to be won, just something fun for all to be a part of. May’s edition can have all the “slogans” and ideas to vote on, and the results can be announced in the June MSO.

So, between now and May 16, 1997, send me your slogans and ideas, and we’ll put it to a vote!

Your Postmaster and FNG Coordinator Neal Pizzano

From: Kerry Lee Daniel (1965) kerydaniel[AT]aol.com Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 Subject: Kerry Lee Daniel (a.k.a. Mary A. Hight) Class of ’65

I was surfing the NET recently—something I rarely have time to do—and was delighted to stumble across the “Midnight Sun Online.” Several years ago I inquired about whether a 30-year reunion was being planned for the Class of ’65, and no one knew of any activity. I worried that even if one was in the planning stages, word would never reach me here in Florida. I’m happy to see that there are Peary folks who enjoy keeping the memories alive, even though I don’t see many names from my class. Maybe word of the WEB site will eventually get around and bring other people out of the closet, so to speak.

Speaking of closets…I cracked up when I read Kristin Lucas’s “coming out as a lesbian” story. Thumb’s up to you, Kristin, for your act of courage. Since you took the lead—and since Ellen Degeneres is soon to come out, too—I may as well throw myself into the fire as well. Actually, I came out back in the early ’70s, a few years before our 10-year high school reunion.

Some of you may remember I wore a black tuxedo to the festivities while all the other gals were wearing standard girlie stuff. What I most remember about the evening was how boys who would never look at me in high school, much less ask me out, hung around me like flies that night. I had a great time!

I remember reading a statement by some fellow in one of the Peary classes…”I still can’t decide what I want to be when I grow up.” Well, he took the words right out of my mouth. I read once where a person should always keep their resume to no more than one page long, so over the years I’ve had to reduce the type size on mine to about a “1” just to squeeze everything in. Each one I mail out now is accompanied by a magnifying glass.

I’ve managed to do some interesting all along, most always involved with some aspect of writing or editing. Right now I’m enjoying the tail end of a 3-month sabbatical from a J-O-B so I could devote my full time and attention to writing a book. It’s titled, “Send A Little Love: The Magic Power of Love Notes to Change the World.” If all goes well, it will sell before the end of the year at which time I’d like to continue work I started over a year ago creating, developing and writing a mystery series.

I’m currently living in St. Petersburg, Florida, affectionately called “God’s Waiting Room” by those who witness the increasing population of old folks flocking to the city. I keep telling everyone I’ve got to get out of here because I don’t ever want to be one of the ones everyone is making fun of, and the years are creeping up much too quickly. I moved down here about 15 years, following on the heels of my parents who retired to the east coast.

My mom passed away shortly after I moved to St. Pete. My brother John (Class of ’68), his wife Henrietta and their two cats also live in St. Petersburg, just 3 blocks from my home.

I tried to move away from here several years ago. Ended up in Durango, Colorado for close to a year. I loved the weather and the scenery there, but the people were much too conservative for my tastes. So I’m back in Florida again, in a holding pattern, until I decide where I’d like to go next.

The years have been kind to me. Other than the loss of my mom and several close friends (from AIDS), most of those close to my heart are still around.

I’ve always been a healthy, happy person with a youthful outlook on life, so I haven’t aged much over the years. I never had any children, but I’ve been fortunate to have shared my life with a number of wonderful people and cats.

Right now I’m single and enjoying life on my own…well, not I’m never really alone with 3 cats. Ben, Tyler and Barney keep me pretty busy.

Barney, a 5-month old Norwegian Forest cat, is the youngest of my brood. He is extremely affectionate, very playful, and an absolute comedian. For those of you who love cats, check out this breed. Once you see and hold them, you’ll probably want to have several of your own.

Peary HS Class of ’65: I am currently gathering names and addresses so I can send out a questionnaire. My goal is to write a class newsletter by the end of the year. I’ll enlist the aid of Neal Pizzano in supplying some of this information, but if anyone out there reads this, please e-mail me with your most current addresses—regular and e-mail. Also, if you know of the whereabouts of any other ’65 classmates, please give me that information too.

It would also be helpful to know if any of my classmates have passed away so that I don’t mistakenly send a questionnaire to their families.

If anyone out there would care to drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you. My e-mail address is KERYDANIEL[AT]aol.com. Or you can send a letter to me at: P.O. Box 908, St. Petersburg, FL 33731.

From: Becky Williams (1970) beckyw[AT]erols.com Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 Subject: 1970 yearbook

I am looking to buy a 1970 yearbook as I do not own one. It was brought to my attention that some people have TWO yearbooks and may be willing to part with one. I will try to e-mail those people in my graduating class, but others may also have an extra copy.

I would appreciate any help you can give me!

Thanks, Bec (Becky “Hamrich” Williams)

From: Neal Lee Pizzano (1976) npizzano[AT]erols.com Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 Subject: A Night Out with Paula Marshall

Being one of those invited to be Paula’s guest at her movie viewing in Rockville, I was feeling honored and excited. I also found a feeling inside that can only be described as “proud.” I’ll talk more about that later. First, I want to let you know what it was like to be a part of the crowd.

Since Paula graduated in 1982 from Peary, I did not know her. Karen Kushner, who is chairing her reunion (82), was her classmate. It was Karen, whom I am working with on 82’s reunion, and, knowing her from the organization Human Opportunities through Physical Education, that invited me. It also had to do with the web page.

I figured the only person I would actually know would be Karen. I arrived when there was only ten or twelve people there. Those that were there were friendly enough to say hi, but I didn’t know them. Paula was doing an interview on the bench outside the theater. I watched as more people came in to the mall, still looking for Karen. People started looking familiar, but since I graduated six years ahead of them, I must have been seeing their brothers and sisters in their faces. I couldn’t place any names.

Finally, I stepped in front of Paula and introduced myself. She was glad I came and asked if my brother, Bill (80), would be there. I said “no” because he had to stay home with the kids. His wife had class. She told me to tell him “Hi.”

Arch Campbell showed up with his camera man to interview Paula. They were next to where I was standing and remember her pointing out her family, and a couple of friends Veronica, and Karen (Kushner) among others. The cameraman held the camera high and then took a sweep of the crowd.

I then noticed someone else whom I recognized. It was Terry Kernan (80), my brother’s friend. He told me Gerry D’Ascoli AND my brother would be there. I then made my way over to Karen to say hello and thank her for inviting me. When I turned around, my brother had made it into the area and we said hello. Then an old friend (old girlfriend of his) came up to say hello. She recognized me, but I hadn’t seen Lisa Finkle (82) in 15 years.

Once in the theater, I asked Arch Campbell if what he was shooting would be on at eleven, and he acknowledged it would. I then sat down with my brother and friends, where I met two more 82 grads, Sharon Kowalski, and Denise Jones. (Actually, I had met Denise before at a FNG at Silo Inn.) The lights dimmed and the crowd clapped loudly when Paula’s name appeared on screen. The movie was great!

Afterwards, a number of us went over to Dave and Buster’s for a social. When Paula came in, I went down to get her and apologize, as my brother was there. I took her to the bar to see him. That’s when I heard those immortal words, “Bill Pizzano, I had a crush on you in high school!” That’s when I realized, she’s just one of the gang. The Peary Gang. She had made it big, but she “didn’t forget the little people,” as many would believe happens when stardom is achieved. Paula, I learned later, praised her roots and mentioned Peary a number of times during her interview. That made me feel proud to be part of the Peary High Family.

Still meeting up with more people like David Alde (69) and John Gardner (82) and Linda Shea (82), kept the evening lively and upbeat. Drinks, Photos, Signing Autographs..a lot went on that evening. We all gathered around the bar when Arch Campbell came on NEWS 4. We cheered while noticing how many times Peary was mentioned. It made all of us proud for Paula, and proud to be a member of Peary High School.

As the night wound down, I got a chance to talk with Paula. There, I found out she watches herself all the time, to critique how well she does. She mentioned that she was a little afraid about how people would perceive her for holding this gathering, and I told her people didn’t come out to criticize her, or to say she was being snooty. People came out to say how proud (that feeling I felt earlier in the evening) we were that she had made it. We were there to cheer her on to bigger and better things. We shared, in a small way, her success, because we, too, were members of Peary High School. We will find a way or make one.

Here’s to you Paula! And Thanks again for being the genuinely nice person you are. You didn’t forget your roots, and your roots will not forget you!

By the way, Paula spent 3 months shooting for this film with only 5 days off during the entire time. If you haven’t seen the movie, go see it. It’s definitely worth seeing.

From: Brian K. Baker (1971) bkbaker[AT]cpcug.org Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 Subject: Snapshot Bio

Just a brief note to let you know that I really appreciate the Peary On-line information that you have made available. Here is some info about me for the newsletter:

Brian K. Baker – Class of 1971 Married: Patty Jack Baker, going on 21 years! (also Class of 1971) Children: Kelly (Class of 2000), Emily (Class of 2003) and Matthew (Class of 2005) Address: [Drop an e-mail to Brian]

Currently working as a Vice President with GAI, a consulting firm in Olney, MD. Worked in film and television industry for over twenty years as writer/producer/director/special effects artist. Really enjoy life, family and friends. Looking forward to Class of 1971, 25 Plus One Year Reunion in June – hope that many will attend. Best wishes to all my friends from R.E.P.

Thanks Neal and Bob Lau for great work on the Site.


Brian Baker

From: Bob Lau (1976) blau[AT]clark.net Date: Mon, Apr 14 1997 Subject: Never-ending question

My better half, Kristy, asks me each week: “Anybody view my art yet?”

Answer: “I don’t know. I haven’t set up a counter on that page.”

Request: If anyone gets a chance to look at her paintings on our home page, http://www.clark.net/pub/blau (or click on it from the MSO’s “Alumni Websites” link), and send her some feedback, I would appreciate the chance to stop repeating myself. Help! Thanks!

Other than that weekly exchange, acting work has been slow, but freelance and consulting work is almost overwhelming. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s been confirmed that I made the “edit” in Howard Stern’s “Private Parts” and can be seen in the transvestite (not me) scene in front of the White House. My ’82 Celica is also in every DC-area scene since they were short of 80s automobiles. You might also catch me in “Air Force One” with Harrison Ford, “Washington Square” with Jennifer Jason Leigh, “Contact” with Jodie Foster (due out mid-July), and both of us in “Wag the Dog” with Dustin Hoffman and Robert Dinero—me in a restaurant scene, eating as usual, and me and Kristy in yet another White House shot. I’m hoping for a rerun this summer of my role in that episode of “Homicide”—to get another check ;-). Kristy recently earned her Screen Actors Guild membership and has also begun a new position as a management trainee at her full-time job. The two cats, Puma (Norwegian Forest Cat) and Chloe (plain ole American short-hair, tortoise-colored cat), are doing fine—they get to sleep all day.

Besides the “pick-up” work above, I’ve been serving on the Screen Actors Guild Performers Advisory Council, discussing the feature films that are coming to the DC area and conditions associated with the contracts for these film producers/companies; and I will be tied-up through June as a panelist for the Department of Commerce, evaluating “information highway” proposals in the category of Community Networking. For some reason, I’m unable to stay up for three days in a row like I did in the 70s and 80s—not sure exactly why……zzzzzzzzzz……

From: Bob Lau (1976) blau[AT]clark.net Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 Subject: Weekly Happy Hours & Events

Wow. What a wonderful showing at Rock Bottom in Bethesda tonight of Peary alumni! Jim Alvey (1976) the drummer for “Blue Steel” who was the featured band that evening, is looking and sounding good. It was fun just to see those from the happy hour “regulars”…. Doug Hambright and Carol Fisher Hambright ’76, Tessie Kotsiras ’76, Linda Gardner ’76 and Nancy Gardner ’79, Gerry Adcock ’76, Kevin Brooks ’76 and wife Cindi, Connie Scuderi ’75 and friend Diane, Ken Roseman ’69, Diane Arena Wilson ’76, Brenda Hunter ’76, David Alde ’69, Ed Wheeler ’76, Neal Pizzano ’76 (of course), friends of alumni, et al.

At other gatherings, it’s been nice to meet, or run into, Tim Cissel ’81, Cathy Stubbs Willett ’82, Willie Monahan ’76, Paul Turner ’77, Gale Senseman Privette and Jim Privette ’66, Bill Clark ’76, Karen Kushner ’82, Diane Herz ’83, Bill Leffler ’76, Bob Bains ’77, Charles Bruno ’77, Ken Swisher ’75, Mark Klock ’75, Sam Clatterbuck ’81, Sandy Van Dusen Forbes ’77, Anna Nicolaisen ’71, Barbara Dentz Riley ’71, Keith Nisson ’75, Todd Nisson ’77, Joe Wyatt ’75, etc. etc….. too many to name!

It doesn’t matter which class you’re from—we look forward to seeing you each week to talk over the memories and who’s doing what now. So, if you can make it to one of these informal weekly events, you know you’re always welcomed—simply because you’re a Peary alumnus!

E-mail Neal Pizzano (1976) at npizzano[AT]erols.com if you wish to receive the weekly updates, or just visit the web site and click on the “Events” section for the latest scheduled activities.

From: Dave Hunter (1970) dhunter[AT]e2.empirenet.com Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 Subject: MSO

Thanks so much for the Midnight Sun Online. I’m guessing that I’m not the only one whose heart has jumped when “Robert E. Peary High School” popped up as a result of an internet search.

I now live in Southern California and only get “back East” every five years or so. The last time back I took my kids to the “neighborhood” and had a look around. I showed them the house where my first love lived (I still remember and love you, Patty!) We walked through Aspen Hill Elementary School. I showed them Mrs. Congdon’s room and the flight of stairs that was my post when I was a member of the Safety Patrol (still looking for that belt thing I lost). We also went into the All-purpose room where I remember seeing John Glenn’s takeoff and where we had Pack 1098 (?) cub scout meetings. Went to the playground and thought about all those baseball card free-for-alls from the big winners at “colors”.

Our walk to Peary was great/not great. The not great part I’ll skip (thanks for the warning on the web page concerning the pictures of the school as it is now…I passed on that link). The great part was seeing the Bell Tower. The great part was sitting in the bleachers and imagining the scoreboard lit up. The great part was driving figure eights around that little lot by the football field like I did in Driver’s Ed. listening to WINX radio. I wish I could have seen the Senior Court. We walked down the cross-country path to the lower field, across it, and then to Rock Creek using the same path I used when we would walk to the G.C. Murphys at Twinbrook.

Two things kept coming to my mind as I looked at the links on the MSO page. The first was the fight song that I remember singing at the top of my lungs at all the football games. “Hoorah for Peary”. The second, and much more significant, was the image of a teacher that touched my life so much that I eventually became a teacher myself. I remember the bagpipe music coming out of Mr. Clarke’s room during passing period. I remember him treating students with dignity and respect. I remember his class as being one I looked forward to every day. I remember these things every day when I walk into my classroom and see my kids come in. Thanks, Mr. Clarke, for being such a wonderful teacher and a role model for me. Thanks, Peary High School, for instilling in me the importance of tradition and excellence.

Dave Hunter, Class of 1970

From: Ron Bostwick (1977) crs[AT]crs-steamboat.com Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 Subject: MSO entry

Here’s another one of those “what the hell have I been doing for the past 20 years” notes for the MSO. But don’t worry, it won’t read like one of those corny year-end letters that John Reid always sends. Mine will be funnier.

Like John, I walked off the stage at Cole Field House in 1977 into oblivion. Or maybe it was the champagne taking effect. I headed to Boston and Emerson College to lay the foundation of becoming a radio star. At the time Howard Stern had yet to utter the word “penis” on the air so I still had a chance. A college advisor advised me (that’s what he was paid to do, it was in his title) to go into sales. I’d move around less and make more money. “More money?!?” I said. “I’ll do it.” I mean, c’mon, the 80’s were on their way.

I tried to get into radio sales in Boston but no one wanted a kid who graduated from a high school that was about to shut down from decling enrollment. I ended up taking a job with The Sheraton (hotel) Corporation at their (drum roll, please) world headquarters just to get my foot in the sales door. It was the ultimate corporate life I will never, ever, ever again return to. In ’84 I finally got into radio sales on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a summer resort area. But was I thinking clearly when I took the job in September? “Hello, Earth to Ron… prepare for emotional and financial letdown” After 6 months (“Waddya mean Mr. Business Owner? Just ‘cuz it’s February and there’s snow on the ground in a beach resort doesn’t mean there’s no one around to listen to my Beautiful Music of the ’50s radio station!”) I headed to Worcester, Massachusetts to do the same thing. Again, 6 months later I realized the error of my ways and got outta da biz.

I ended up working as a floor director for TV news, an Account Exec at Bozell Jacobs ad agency, back to sales for a couple film/video production/post-production houses then heard my calling to “Go west, you jerk!” I always had the desire but the layoff in May ’90 provided the opportunity. I packed a few bags and off I went. (by car, not by horse)

The winter of ’90-’91 was spent as a caretaker for a 1,000 acre ranch south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Caring for 6 horses, 2 mules, a llama, 30 goats and 40 chickens put a realistic spin on life. Livin’ the life of a cowboy wasn’t bad. But in the Spring the snow runoff filled the streams and rivers but my bank account was runnin’ dry. So when my former film company in Boston called me to come back I feigned indifference until they offered me mo’ money. Who said the ’80s were over?

So it was 2 more years of making TV commercials and then in Summer ’93 I tossed it all in to move back to the mountains of Colorado. Since returning to Steamboat I’ve moved 4 times, worked as a Sales Rep in the ski area’s reservations office, been promoted to Travel Agent then was offered my dream job: DJ and Promotions Director for a rock radio station. I had done part time air work for KFMU-FM in ’91 and since Fall ’93. I jumped at the chance to finally do what I’ve wanted to since living on Aspen Hill Road. I guess doing those afternoon announcements at PHS finally came to some good use.

So here I am, getting up at 5am to be on the air at 6, living right across the street from the station and a 5 minute walk from the ski area in a town with a year round population of 7,500. I get to “enhance” my CD collection in the name of staying up on music, get into shows free, run fun contests and, once in a while, get to interview singers/bands on the air when they come to town. While I miss the fun my classmates are having (at MY expense I might add, thanks to a certain F. Venuto) planning the 20th, I won’t miss the humidity this summer. It’s so wonderful to have the temp be 85 with humidity of 20.

To those of who who’ve braved reading this to the end and it brings up memories of the length of my Senior Will, I thank you. And to Mr. Pine I leave…..

To those of you that may want to write to me, please do. It gives me more annunition with which to tease John Reid. The address to use is “crs[AT]crs-steamboat.com” But be patient. I’m not on line yet, a friend is letting me use his system. So it may take a bit to reply. And the exclusion of any marriage/children info is because there hasn’t been any. “Not that there’s anything WRONG with it, mind you.”

From: David Podell (1981) 2108262[AT]mcimail.com Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 Subject: Real Midnight Sun

Pat Hale, who I believe was the last faculty adviser to the Midnight Sun, just sent me bound copies of the Midnight Sun in 2 volumes: 1961-1971 and 1971-1981. She is retiring to Florida. I was the student editor from 1980-1981.

I wanted to let you know that I am now in possession of this valuable resource. I do not know whether there are any other bound copies of all the Midnight Suns, at least through 1981. During the year that I was editor, we put together the bound volumes.

Please feel free to post this message in your monthly newsletter. I am open to suggestions for making this valuable resource more readily available to more people.

[Editor Note: We will work with David to see if we can create an archive of all the past issues of the original Midnight Sun and make them accesible on the web site]

From: Bob Lau (1976) blau[AT]clark.net Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 Subject: Web Site Stats/Updates/Plans

As you’re probably aware, the Peary Midnight Sun Online web site has recently undergone a facelift at its new URL, www.pearyhs.org . Some statistics from the “new” site since it was opened to the public on Sunday April 13, 1997 are as follows.

In one week, the site has had 20,381 calls to text, graphics (photos), the e-mail listings, teacher pictures, newsletters, etc. These “calls” have come as a result of 395 separate visits to the new web site from you! To give a comparison of what that all means, here are the sizes of the largest access logs on the server where www.pearyhs.org resides—again, these are first-week stats:

www.greatesthits.com 177159
www.kurta.com 401629
www.medsource.com 629953
www.pearyhs.org 2175984
www.temagraphics.com 394582

Specs (for you technonerds)…. our home page is directly connected to the Internet via MAE East, the world’s largest Internet exchange point, and running on a SUN UltraSparc server with 256K RAM, and with Solaris 2.5 and Apache 1.1.3 server software.

What’s New: – Paula Marshall (1982) in the news again …. some video promos of her movie and …. NBC4’s story about her premiere – Photos of the building as it stands today – The Flag and Sledge Ceremony from 1964 – A list of individual Sponsors/Contributors – Additional photos in “Traditions and Facts” – Subscription-By-Mail information

What’s Coming: – An article about David H. Miller (1969) – News about Ken Roseman (1969) – Polaris yearbook covers – Business Sponsors listing and company pages …. with hosting services for small businesses – Past (1961-1981) Midnight Sun issues (long-term) – List of our mail subscribers – School Dedication Ceremony photos – “Then and Now” …. past and present photos of our online alumni – Photos from happy hours – More photos from the early years – Photos from Cathy Stubbs Willett (1982) Bonfire Party – Class Pictures

What’s there that you may not know about: – Alma Mater sound files, lyrics, score – Happy Hour (weekly) schedules – Alumni Band/Music schedules …. “RedLine” …. “Blue Steele” …. “Diamond and Steed” (soon) – 1997 Reunions and the latest information – Bob Ibach (1966) news that points to …. Donna D’Errico’s pics and e-mail!

Thanks to ALL of our online alumni and staff for their support. This project, which began as an e-mail distribution listing of about ten people last August, has grown and achieved some measure of success because of each and every one of you. The number of participants online has increased to over 500 at last count. Please remember to update your bookmarks with the new URL, and if you have links to the MSO from any of your home pages, please correct the URL when you have a chance. Thanks!

Neal and I continue to do our best to keep you posted of the latest, and Laura Vandevender Collins (1973) continues to lend her coding expertise so these newsletters display correctly on your web browsers. Hope to hear from some of you for the next newsletter, especially those that we haven’t heard a peep out of yet!

Bob Lau, Editor/Webmaster The Midnight Sun Online

P.S. For those of you who have multiple addresses on the e-mail listings, please let me know if you have a preference as to which address you’d like to receive the MSO and distributions (or all addresses if you wish). If it’s fine as-is, no need to let me know anything. Sorry for the repeat folks—lots of new alumni aboard.

P.P.S. Happy Birthday Patti Colihan (HA!)

From: Neal Lee Pizzano (1976) npizzano[AT]erols.com Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 Subject: A Message from your Postmaster

In today’s society, we all find it harder and harder to make our all mighty dollar go farther than it did a few years ago. Financial matters and money, in general, can be difficult to talk about. Interest rates go up, and eventually, so does everything else. Therefore, I need to pass on something to all of you that I find very important, and very hard to talk about. Postal Rates for e-mail will not, repeat, not go up.

I am very pleased about all the kind things you have expressed concerning the time and effort Bob and I have invested in putting the page together for your enjoyment. It is done out of the same spirit that we all learned about while attending Peary. The concept of bringing everyone together was a simple one. We all shared an experience that its symbol, the building itself, stood for. Now that the building lies in ruins from neglect, the only thing left is what is inside of all of us. True, the building will be resurrected for life as a school again, and the community is highly delighted about that. It is just that it will never again be Robert E. Peary High School. Only a few of us had the privilege of learning there, with respect to all the other facilities of learning throughout the county. Most of us learned and went on, some of us learned by teaching and aiding others on a higher level. Still others learned, went on, then came back to teach and aid others.

The real thanks should not go to Bob and I, it should be given to those faculty and staff members who instilled in us a level of respect and pride that we all can carry on inside of us forever. “I” want to say thanks to all the Peary staff who gave of themselves to help me be who I am today. It is because of you, I have achieved what I have today. Bob and I are glad we can provide a place to call “home,” no matter where you live. You taught us an awful lot, and giving of oneself was high on the list.

I ask all fellow alumni who read this to send a litle thank-you note to the faculty we have on-line with us. I appreciate them for what they have done, let them know you feel the same way. Think about it. If they didn’t do a very good job, then we wouldn’t have the same kind of spirit we do, and our home page (if ever done), would be “just another site.”

We will continue our efforts and appreciate all comments and suggestions. This is YOUR page. It will only get better with more involvement. If you ever have some ideas or suggestions, like some of those already conceived (i.e. weekly Friday Night Gatherings and our multi-class bonfire) let us know.

Enjoy this issue, and all others to follow… Your Postmaster Neal Pizzano

P.S. Hope some of the faculty can start attending some of our weekly gatherings when an opportunity arises.

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Midnight Sun On-Line
Volume 1, Number 9, April 1997