Written by Stu Kushner

Class of 1972 Reunion Announcement!

Class of 1972 45th Reunion will be October 6 – 8, 2017!

The class of 72 and 77 will be visiting the old school on Sunday October 8th at 11am.

Written by Stu Kushner

Class of 1967, 50-year Reunion

Class of 1967 is having a 50-year reunion the weekend of September 14-16, 2017 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Rockville. We will host a Meet and Greet Friday night and a dinner with DJ on Saturday night. This is currently for our class only and their invited guests who have paid reservations. Contact Carole Connolly Wack at cjwack49@gmail.com for further information or to reserve your spot, and spread the word to help us find our classmates!

Written by Stu Kushner

Joe Piccioni’s son has graduated from Towson University

Joe Piccioni (1975) and his wife Dina are proud to announce their son Joey, a Marine veteran, has graduated from Towson University with honors. Joey’s degree is in exercise science. Joey will be attending Salisbury University and will obtain his Master’s Degree In Applied Health Physiology

Written by Stu Kushner

Peary Photos on August 2014

Courtesy of Elizabeth Lohr, Class of ’76

Here are some photos that Elizabeth took of our high school on August, 2014. The stage where we had so many high school plays, the field where the marching band practiced, the bleachers are gone in one photo, the track, a stairwell, the front door and the bell tower.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for taking and sharing these photos.

Feel free to leave a comment below.


Written by Stu Kushner

Brenda Blackwell Mussmann’s at the Autumn Craft Fair in Hanover, IL

Handmade items sewn, crocheted or made by Brenda. Made in Iowa, USA. PICKUP or shipping can be arranged.

Order online here.

Custom made orders. Popular items include Nap Wraps, pillowcase dresses, crochet hats & shoes, hair clips available and Name Pillows. Feel free to contact me for special requests. Many unique, one of a kind, or special order items. Send me your ideas, colors, themes, even pictures you’ve seen you like, and I can let you know what I can do and prices.

She will be showing her wares at the upcoming craft fair in Hanover, Illinois.Hanover Craft Fair

Written by Stu Kushner

Donations to the New Midnight Sun Online

Thank you for the support of this effort to design, build, maintain and manage the new Midnight Sun Online website.

Class of 1968

  • Diane Chais Husereau
  • Peggy Mitchell Ward

Class of 1972

  • Karla Berg Walker

Class of 1974

  • Lee Annis

Class of 1976

  • Edward Fusco
  • Richard Thompson

Class of 1979

  • Robin Rosenberg



Written by Stu Kushner

To the Class of 1969

Can You believe We have been out of High School for 45 years? It is scary how fast time goes by and all of the wonderful Classmates who are know longer with Us. Will we be having any events this year or just wait for 2019?

Lets Find A Way Or Make One.

All The Best,
Bruce Danley

Written by Stu Kushner

Supporters of the Midnight Sun Online site by Bob Lau

Midnight Sun Online Supporters
The Midnight Sun Online website is supported by voluntary donations from Peary Alumni

Bob LauTHANK YOU….. to all listed below

(For donation information only – viewing the page does not “commit” you!)

The following classmates, staff, class committees, and friends of the Midnight Sun Online
have generously contributed financially towards “MSO” and/or provided other forms of
assistance to the project.

* Indicates those in-attendance for the MSO Fund Raiser held on March 20, 1999

PearyGear.com proceeds c/o Stuart Goldman (1981)

Friends of Peary MSO
Michael Gustafson, photographer/Dan Weire, Johns Byrne Co., Chicago
Mrs. Lillian Alvey Peeler – mother of 5 Peary alums

In Memory of…..

“In Loving Memory of Georgia Bright (1968)” – anonymous
“In Memory of Mrs. Lau” – Peary Alumni
“In Memory of Joe Melanson (1978)” – The Melansons
” In Memory of Bruce Prothero (1982)” 5-years – Greg & Pebble (Tanner) Prothero
“In Loving Memory of Barry & Barbara Lasick” – Kellie Lasick Heflin
“In Memory of John R. Horvat (Class of 1969/Staff)” – Ed Burlas

Group Donations

Staff Alumni c/o Mary Thomson
MSO Fundraiser (March ’99) – Melissa Davis Munson (’82), Chairperson
REPHSAA – Collected during Homecoming 2000
“Suds & Sun II” (2003) Committee – 50/50 Raffle
Pearymania IV (2005) Committee – 50/50 Raffle
Pearymania V (2006) Committee – 50/50 Raffle
Pearymania VI (2007) Committee – 50/50 Raffle
The Peary Running Club
Classes of 1963-1965 – Joint 63-65 Reunion (35-Year)
Class of 1965 Reunion Committee (35-Year)
Class of 1966 Reunion Committee (35-Year)
Class of 1966 Reunion Committee (40-Year)
Class of 1967 Reunion Committee (40-Year) – Pending/Auction Proceed
Class of 1970 – General Class Donation
Class of 1970 – Dinner Group (impromptu)
Class of 1971 – Peary Shirt Proceeds (20)
Class of 1975 Reunion Committee (30-Year)
Class of 1975 50/50 Raffle (30-Year)
Class of 1977 50/50 Raffle (30-Year)
Class of 1978 Reunion Committee (25-Year)
Class of 1979 Reunion Committee (25-Year)
Class of 1981 Reunion Committee (20-Year)
Class of 1982 Reunion Committee (20-Year)
Replica “Welcome to Las Vegas” Signs, also benefiting the Nevada Cancer Institute


Ed Burlas (4)
J. Stanton Boteler (2)
Sandra Wilson (2)
Barbara Goodman
Dee Rosenberg
Paul Hassler
Patricia Hale (3)
John Horvat
Elizabeth “Betz” Hanley
Duane & Jacque Black


John Prescott (2)
Jay Baugher
* Becky Hawkins Fitch
Marilyn Drennan Brus (2)
Anne Schwab Johnson (2)
Carolyn Zierdt Taylor (3)
Sue Boswell
Brian Power


Carol Cotton Hendrix (2) & Online Coordinator
Beverle Guinn Sweitzer
Patricia Muth Sterquell (4)
Steve Graham
* Ted Applestein
* Linda Kelly Atwell
* Nancy Privette Kimbrough
* Steve Graham
* Robert Jones
Natalie Goldberg Friedman
Ira Newman
Diana Niepsey Mathis
Candy Beck Burch (2)
Carolyn Jones Melius
William “Bob” Roberts
Betsy Loftus Kingman
Jan Fruiterman
Peggi Greene Lowe
Steve Counts


* Eileen Brown Carter (3) & Online Coordinator
* Dena Rosenthal Anderson (3)
Tina Gorham Slater (2)
Mary Hight aka Kerry Daniel (3)
Anne Hardman (2)
Susan Baker Tarpley
Jill Gonski Berkowitz
Ceal Pernia Curran
June Oliveri Bond
Katherine Brown
* Wayne Winstead
* Howard McNich
* Larry Wellman
* Tom Tyler
Cole Drew (2)
Patricia Knesel Blizzard
Ed Gursky
Lois Hasiguichi Kennedy
Loretta Francis (2)
Barbara Rhodes Moore (2)
Dan Negola
Marcia Cohen Boyer
Margie McIntire Shankle
Manuel Quinones
Toni Scarpelli Rollins
Janice Vaughan McLoon
Steve Greene


Gale Senseman Privette (4) & Online Coordinator
Jim Privette (4)
David West
Denny Dennewitz
Bruce Werts
Doug Aderhold
Nancy Wells Amato
Patricia Faulkner
Beth Leimbach Swanson (3)
Bob Koseluk
Linda Davies Carr (2)
Bob Ibach (2)
Larry Mischou
Lynda Hench Donaldson
Nicole Veraa Minnick
Judy Brewer Freas
Brian Judge
Cheryl Roberts
Lynda Hench Donaldson – Prior Recurring
Michael Gealt


Audrey Gunnel Lohr – Online Coordinator
Karyn Pomerantz
Paul Chaiken
Glenn Simons
Steven Mohr
Patricia Marlowe Johnson
* Sharon Weiss Jones
Bonnie Ledford Stapp
Marie Simmons Bennett
Jeff Johnson
D. Chris Buppert + Recurring
Andy Harper (9) + Prior Recurring
Roger Welker
Bob Margolis
John Nicolaisen
Judy Barbee Harris
Bunny Zarpas & SNZ Real Estate of Gaithersburg
Bill Uzzell
Stephen P. O’Brien (2) + Recurring
Susan Lindberg Shannon


Barry Bone – Online Coordinator (3)
Iris Ebert Ross
Michael Kramer
Cheryl Cooley Steele
Michael Holder (2)
Michael Deitchman (2)
Jennifer Speelman Green
Chris Smith (5)
* Linda Tyson Font (2)
Judy Miller Ridgway (3)
Paul Coder (5)
Anonymous: “In Loving Memory of Georgia Bright”
Van Jacobs
Suzanne Veraa Rosetti


Mike O’Neil – Online Coordinator
David Miller (2)
* David Alde (2)
* Ken Roseman (9) + Prior Recurring
* Terry Brooks (4)
Sue Ann Symington Goby
Alan Carey
Terri Niland
Kathy Everett Johnston
Andy Johnston
Linda Lowjewski Blaser
Karen Thomas
Larry Blackwood
* Marc Gottleib
* Len Salters
* Vickie Ralls (2)
* Jeff Stewart
* John Flickinger
* John Horvat (2)
* Tom Carmody
* George Lagos
Michael Sweeney (3)
Sue Greenspon Wilson
Mark A. Johnson – Johnson Hydro Seeding Corp.
Paul Scheinberg (2)
Patricia Newman Jacobs
Janet “Zeke” Zaciewski Robinson
Finley Benjamin
Martha Baugher Clarvoe


Ruth Kaneshiro Fujita, Online Coordinator (3)
Steven Banks – 1970 Site Webmaster
Ron Work – Former Online Coordinator
Eric Mehl (5)
* Matt Hauprich (4)
Connie Herridge Kaplowitz
Bill Bedenbaugh (6)
David Hunter
Grant Gursky
Neil Plotnick
Group Donation:
(Debbie Weber Smith, Eric Mehl, Beth Zeidman, Neil Plotnick, Cathy Wilson, Roger Low, Jodie Earp West,
Jim Warfield, Mark Shapiro, Nancy Mitchell, Jeff Borkman, Mary Ellen Fishler, Ron Work)
Frank Hearl
Rick Bass
Nancy Johnson King
* Cathy Flickinger
* Mary Pratt
Catherine Budd Rhea (2)
Larry Fishman (2)
A.J. “Rusty” Chester
Michael Johnson
Susan Cruzan Cohen (2)
Judy Ibach Brookins (2)
Carol LeMessurier Maryman
Nancy Mitchell (2)
Dennis Selepak (3)
Linda Odom Lloyd
Nicolas Eckwerth
Lynette Eighmey Snell
Beth Zeidman
Diana Slawter Carr
Sharon Marcus – Recurring
Debe Tyson Terhar


* Barbara Dentz Riley (6) & Online Coordinator
* Timothy Riley (6)
Corinne Smith Grant (3)
Anna Nicolaisen (4)
Steve Feldman
Dave Rush
Mike McIntyre (2)
Roz Rubin (4)
Barbara Noonan
Andy Smith
Sheryl Marshall Cunningham
Evan Zucker
Renee Hardre Montgomery
Maria Nicholson Bedenbaugh (6)
Scott Giambusso
Charles Visconage, Jr.
Diane Bonanno
Wendy Brace Hoover
Ronnie Greenbaum
Jody Leins Kenefick (3)
Janice Pomerantz (3)
Nancy Altieri Stephens (4)
David Evans
* Carol Stewart Buck
* Ric Sieling
* Robin Bolotsky Carroll
* Frank Wesley
Karen Hauprich Osborne
Jeff Lindblad
Terry Cohea Lindblad
Scott Giambusso
Bill Wood
Ronald Leung
Madeline Burnsky Reed
Pete Watkins
Mary Millison Pritchard (4)
Richard Glover
Lynn Mickelsen Wolf
Chris Parrott Hoban
Brian Wentworth
Brian Baker
David Rogerson
Bob Pennington
Lynda Casanova Lumpkin
Barbara Smith DeBonte
Cindy Hall
Mabel Lee
Mickey Tevelow
Richard Robbins


Jacquie Padgett – Online Coordinator
Dave Johnson
Linda Fisher Johnson
Karla Berg Walker (2)
Ron Prestwich
Jeff Ramras (2)
Anne Marie Wolf Holder (2)
Jim Spahn
Jean Marie Sabin Crutchfield
Cynthia McIntyre Griffin
Nick Venuto
Kathy Cross Sampson (2)
Mary Conway Long
Richard Witt
Barbara Tuthill Irby
* Dena Besoner Saunders
* Debbie Darr Wilson
* Danny Pascal
* Harvey Fischer (2)
* Jeaneen Paulick Sorsdal
Carol Clark Embrey (2)
John Speelman & Poolesville Hardware (3)
Valerie Wood Gillen
Denise Rollins Troxell
Julie Adams Faulconer
Martin Quill
Janice Bradshaw Bausch (5)
Kay Coleman Smith
Chuck Knesel
Petra Barber Glover
Jeffrey Fegan
Gary Prince
Paul Schlesinger


Laura Vandevender Collins
Gary Tuthill (2)
Daniel Cannon (6)
Kevin Smith (3)
John Hennessey (4)
Mary Walsh Replogle (2)
Rose Reid Downes
Guy Riffle (2)
Steve Maas
Linda Magee Horn (2)
Charlie Wilson
PJ Burnsky
Donna Marshall Burnsky
Cathy Berg Vincent-Smith
Richard Boyd
Mark Goldstein
Kathy Blasco
Brian Alden (2)
Bruce Ziemann
Bob Bader
Susan Fry Witt
* Mary Carmody
* Steve Sandoe
* Buddy Yost
Edward Johnson, Jr.
Charles Wilson
Lisa Robinson Levine
Rick White
Sheri Kushner Rothstein
Alan Bandler
Dee Dee Kefauver Rinaldo
Elliot Chabot (3)
Jan Zlotnick
Buddy Earp
Taina Tommila Schweitzer
Joe Pratt (4)
Debbie Bernd Aceto
Janice Stillwagon Lynch
Diane Betz Griffin (3)
Rick Bitango
Paul Tangredi


Sandy Swarr Crawford (4) & Online Coordinator/Webmaster
Susan Jo Eskite (3)
Stuart Kushner (2)
Barbara Nicolaisen Van Dyke (4)
Cindy Downing Sambataro
Lee Zeidman (6)
Robert Kibler
Bill Prescott
Donna Warfield (3)
Lisa Hirsch Ben-Shlaush
* Rick Cauble (3)
* Beth Rogers Horvat
* Reina Cohen Sprankle
* Meredith Way Morris (2)
* Mary Beth Wheeler (2)
Lee Annis (4)
Randy McClement (3)
Marcia Hauprich Bass (2)
Patti Morgan Ryan
Freda Curchack Marver
Kathy Zeamer King
Stephanie Tsacoumis
Chris Colburn
Todd Annell
Ronald Sandlin
Bernie Keller – In honor of Bill & Pat Keller’s
(parents) 50th wedding anniversary – 2/26/05
Jose Christensen


John Seng (2)
Mark Klock (3)
* Lynn Janashek Boyd (3)
* Kathy Anderson Folkes (2)
* Connie Scuderi Gallerizzo (2)
Sharon Johnson
Stacy Newman Zimmerman (3)
Lisa Huntington (2)
Tom Sandoe
Tom Healy
Jim Croker
Mary Ann Quinn Allen
Bob Winegard + Recurring
Mike Crowley
Leonard Chornock
Rich Lieberman (2)
Julie Goldsborough Fields
James Douglas
* Joe Wyatt
* Ken Swisher
* Mike Stone
Tracy Boyd Walton
Martha Coder
Tim Power (2)
Rob Loewy (3)
Sandy Schmookler
Pam Forder Holcomb (2)
Patty Puckett McConnell (2)
Patty Puckett McConnell & Double “J” Marine, Inc.
Jon Glaudemans
Livingston “Jamie” Vann IV (3)
Denise Lamonda Gustafson
Terry Alvey (2)
John Lau (2)
Janice Applegate Pushaw (2)
Jackie Coberly Riffle
Tim Gedney
Paul Hambright
Patrice John Baugher
Chris Sterling Hill-Byrne
Dave Kovack
Robbie Welsh
Chris Perlick
Steve & Jeannette Heifetz Welp
Liz Popick Jenkins
Maggie Blaetus Broadwater
Mary Quigley Hedlesky
Tina Koepke Edwards – Recurring
Patricia Lynch + Recurring


Jim Hardman – Technical Support
* Jim Hardman (2)
* Neal Pizzano (2) – Happy Hour/Music/Bands Notices
* Marianne Capacchione (2)
* Skip Fitzgerald (2)
* Jeanne Hauprich Farmer (3)
Maureen DiFulgo Bladen
Mitchell Carr
Jean Mathias Dewey
John Leatherwood (4)
Karen Fye Drescher (2)
Joni Pavlick Friedman
Mary Pearson Peters (2)
Rie Leimbach Crowley
Scott Fitzgerald
Lou Zeidman (4)
Eileen McLucas (2)
Jim Alvey
Carole Stein Dibo
Rudy Porter-Lauer
David Eckstein
Art Posey
* Kevin Brooks
* Brenda Hunter Gruber
* Debbie Moore
* Ed Wheeler, Jr
* Debbie Allen
* Gerry Adcock (2)
* Bill Leffler (2)
* Leslie Munson Yost
* Elaine Allen Dunning
Diane Arena Wilson
Brian Arshawsky
Dick Prescott (2)
Brent Runnels
Mike Caroglanian
Alec Lewis
Nan Kerpelman Sarb
Cyndi Hartman-Newland
Sue Seager
Jessica Ratner Nadler
Ann Gray
Dave Wagner
Cindy Ganis Hoppe
Judy Mitnick Benjamin
Lisa Beebe
Rick Smith
Kathy Norton Perlick
Ed Fusco (2)
Larry Prigal
Bob Foss (2)
Jim Todd – Prior Recurring
Michelle Barlow
Bert Fingerman
Dick Thompson


Sandy Van Dusen – Online Coordinator
Joanna Dougherty Witzel – Past Coordinator
Bob Bains
Dean Peters
Charles Bruno
Paul Turner
Leslie Johnson McIntyre
Greg Prothero & Pebble Tanner Prothero (2)
Linda Warfield Murr (2)
Bill Eacho
Shelley “Beani” Hanagan Harris (2)
Nancy Rigterink Paschall (2)
Doug Hanson
Laura Cilimberg Van Der Linden
James Westermeier, Jr.
Tom Loughlin
Doug Berg
Lisa Frazier
* Jackie Bradley Stone
* Doug Miller
* Donna Owens
Cedric Williams
Gail Coates Duff
Ron Bostwick (3)
Scott Adamson (3)
Nancy Brantner
Mike Dobbs
Joan Hughes Herbold
Ernie Lietzan
Mary Wampler Hawbecker (2)
Loretta Camarano (2)
Annamarie Lanciano
Sue Ganey
Judy Pratt Rossiter – Recurring
Cynde Robinson Burgess + Recurring
John Baldwin
Mike Parlon – Prior Recurring
Donna Poulsen Catron
Jeanne Yost


Mary Ann Naples Vann – Online Co-Coordinator (3)
Teresa Cross Wilson – Online Co-Coordinator
Lynne Keady Galletti – Former Online Coordinator
Joyce Mathias Lee
Marjorie Bowser Hewitt
Martha Eacho Bergman (2)
David Lowe
Lori Sloan Van Zanten
Terri Torri Hoffman
Chris Lewis
Bill Loewy (2)
Carolyn Foote Johnson (3)
Diana Cash Lennon
Beth Owens (2)
Robert Raab (3)
Rory Houck
Laura Cannon Anderson (3)
Bill Bowen (2)
Mary Jo Slowey
Laura Barish
Glenn Capacchione
Jennifer LaRue Huget
Phil Sandoe
Linda Robbins (3)
Laurie Miller (2)
Sharon Lee Stark
Michael Del Vecchio
Jeff Berry
David Sites
Annette Baker Sites
Paula FitzPatrick Galliani
Bev Royle Kovack
Laura Barish and BL Jewelers
Alan Holibaugh
Al Comeau
Patti Shannon Wilder
Patricia Bohraus Loys-Viscuso
Frank Minogue
Jeff Brassard


Lisa Stein Aron – Online Coordinator
John Alvey – 1979 Site Webmaster
Robin Rosenberg Aiscowitz (5)
* Jim Hinkeldey (2)
Barbara Powell
Christina Swift Dodd (2)
Laurie Stahl (2)
– anonymous –
Steve Beck
Paul Kim
Leslie Johnson Agree
Claudia Cissel Hepburn
Richard Hepburn
Rolfe Ashworth
Karen FitzGerald Warren
Rob Henry
* Shari Darr Benson (2)
* Angela Rose
* Jude DeSando Lozupone
* Sheree Seale Wenger & Eric Wenger (2)
* Marjorie Shulman
Mark Rein
Gary Rebsch
Rachel Heller Zelson
Melissa Nutter Prince
Betsy Baker Robinson (2)
Margo Fitzpatrick (2)
Lewis Chabot
Dee Dee Adams-Camera
Connie Wortz Capacchione
Rachel Heller
– anonymous –
Michele Horwitz Cornwell
John Alvey
Tammy Baird
Shellmay Lee Goto
Seth Jason – In honor of John Horvat


Janet Peters – Online Coordinator
* Steve Bell (2)
Wendy Chornock Streight
Robert Perry
Mark Glaudemans (2)
Jeffrey Torri + Recurring
Natalie Bell Hagen
Kellie Beebe Dofflemyer
* Doreen Dennie
* Lisa Spruill Galvin
Melissa Hambright Thrush
Andrew Dantzler
Dan Reese (9) + Prior Recurring
Tim Wheeles (2)
Linda Ford Bozzonetti
Don Turner (1) + Prior Recurring
Jennifer Finotti Guthrie
Bill Haag
Andy Barlow (2)
Ann Luksic Barlow
Susan Gooding Sandoe
Patricia Quinter Lee
Karen Weinberger Vilt – Recurring
Jackie Hewitt Stock
Grant Wagner
Brenda Zerbe St. Thomas


Amy Hirsch Edberg – Online Coordinator (2)
Stuart Goldman – PearyGear.com proceeds
Stuart Goldman – Individual
* Sam Clatterbuck (2)
* Karen Wilson Fitzgerald (2)
Jody Rosenberg (6 + In loving memory of Kim Hartman Jolliffe)
Paula Locke
Jennifer Swift Joyner Houser
Steve Tait
Rob Lao (7)
Andy Torri
* Trina Blandford Armstrong
* Jeff Bohraus
* Karen Curtis Knoch
* Mary Giusti Kraft
* Shirley Santilhano Friedman
* Monnie Smith Johnson (2)
* Tim Best
Melissa Bilstad
Sharon Fleisher Tash
Tracy Baker Turner (1) + Prior Recurring
Lisa Talmud aka Allie Raye
Gary Lee
Janet Brooks Dixon
Rob Munach
Beth Smerko Felder
Karen Kiley
Mark Poulsen
Alfonso de Lucio
Angie Lindsay
Randy Hagen
Jim Cyr
Barry Boden
Maria Camarano
Steve Cummings


Karen Kushner – Online Coordinator (2)
* Cathy Stubbs Willett (2)
* Matt Beck (2)
Craig Sterling
Lisa Lewis Caudle
Ann Young
Paula Marshall
Tricia Barrett Mayo
* Denise Jones
* Melissa Davis Munson
*Sharon Kowalski
* Susan Pieranunzi Eastwood (2)
Victoria Balenger (4)
Sheri Nimetz Tardio
Scott Powell
Danny Plante
Mary Anne Auger Doran
Denise Jones Holibaugh
Marcia Gezelter Cook


Jeff Davis – Online Co-Coordinator
* Patricia Toler – Online Co-Coordinator (2)
* Steve Steinberg (5)
Diane Elizabeth Herz
Angela Yau Rowe
John Way
Marianne Marchand Beck
Anita Blevins
Tim Beebe
Robert Mazzuca
Lori Wescott
* Mike Clark
* James Conte
* Rebecca Toler Donnelly
* Mark Furda
* Steven Rosenthal
* Greg Whitsell
* Rick Blandford
Steven Becker
Daniel Ryan
Ken Guertler
Luanne Murphy Houck
Hank Fox (2)
Karen Pilot Trupo (2)
Meg Winter Lyon
Diana K. Sugg
Tim Noble


Jim Carr – Online Coordinator & 1984 Site Webmaster
Steve Swift (3)
Sandy Morehouse Walter
Mike DiFonzo
* Vickie Bivins Baker
* Cara Dedad Witmer
* Paul Grabarek
* Marco Ortega
* Patrick Weixel
Donnie Simmons
Shawn Koehler
Michelle Price
Olga Godoy Czekalski
Byron Patterson
Chris Callahan
Kimberly Cook Haag
Mark Sites
Kelly Morris Selt


Becky Sowers Stalnaker – Online Coordinator
* Sandy Bell Richards (2)
Tina Raptakes VanDevander
Leslie Fitzpatrick DiFonzo
Lisa Kelly Beebe
Jennifer Higler
Rebecca Naham Crockett
Brian Klock (2)
Susan Leathery Mazzuca
Courtney Hamilton Della
Kathryn Poulsen
* Jeannie Brown Jacobs
Tiffany Goodwin (2)
Sherry Hagerty Koehler
Rick Fiore
Steven Swift
Christopher von Stein
Nicole Wantling
Kimberly Winning King
Steven Green
Thomas Yau


Michelle Tully Harrington – Past Online Coordinator
David Thompson – Technical Support
* Sandra Kowalski (2)
Carla Wardlow Hembrey

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