Class of ’65 – In Memoriam

Robert Abernathy 3/4/68
Charles Balent 3/9/11
Nathan Bergstein 4/2014
Jean Boizelle (married name Johnson) 2/25/92
Kathleen Bowman 10/21/08
Katherine Brown 4/29/10
Edith Chaiken (married name Welty) 4/14/2007
Kimberly Chancey (married name Ricketts) 3/23/98
Kenneth Cymbalski
Charles Fantacci 6/20012
Sandra Fox (married name Watkins) 1998
Wayne Groves
Sherrill Hanten (married name Gutierrez) 3/18/04
Roxy Joseph (married name Guyther) 9/5/06
Eugene King 12/2008
Raymond Lawson, Jr. 9/18/14
John Maktos 8/21/13
Robert Mason
Mary Jo McElfish (married name Goddard) 12/9/11
Nelson McLoon
Jay Mitchell
James Peterson
Diana Phillips (married name Wheeler) 1998
Charles Poore 11/2009
Pamela Rafte
Frederick Reeve 11/7/11
Robert Rejonis 5/9/86
John “Terry” Riley 7/6/06
Marcia Sabatino
Karen Scuderi 3/24/87
Martina Shaffer
Ronald Singleton
Susan Stone (married name Jenkins) 8/29/12
John G. Taylor
Kris Vanderweyden
John Williamson
John G. Wark 7/31/2012


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