Written by Stu Kushner

Midnight Sun Online V01n11 June 1997

Volume 1, Number 11, June 1997

-The Online Newsletter for Robert E. Peary High School Alumni-

MSO WEB SITE – http://www.pearyhs.org



PEARY HIGH SCHOOL NIGHT AT THE RACES: A summer multi-class event at Rosecroft Raceway to watch the horses run! A private area has been reserved for Robert E. Peary Alumni on Saturday July 19th (evening). Reservations are DUE JULY 11th. Mark your calendars! This party is limited to 1,000 people—get your reservations in as soon as possible so you won’t miss out on this one. Details on the home page, or send an e-mail message to races[AT]iicsdc.clark.net to automatically receive the details and sign-up form via e-mail.

REUNIONS: The reunion season begins soon with 1971’s “25+1” and 1972’s 25th. The reunion questionnaires online will remain active so classmates may update their info at any time for their respective graduating class. Once we discover the coordinators of other classes, the same will be set up for those years as well.

HAPPY HOURS: The event at the Silo Inn on June 13th was packed with Peary alums, including Mr. Burlas! Not sure how the group picture(s) have turned out yet, but whatever can be gotten from them will be posted on the website soon. Thank you to Ken Roseman (1969) for becoming our “unofficial” photographer at many of these events. As you would expect Peary alums to act, we partied and danced the evening away to the music of Redline, featuring Peary alums Todd (1975) and Pete Muranaka (1973), Dave Johnson (1972), Joel Hoskins (1978), and Joe Ricker (1979). Thanks to Dave Alde (1969) for giving roses to the “Huskiettes” in attendance!

We will be returning to the Silo Inn on June 27th by invitation of Jacquie Padgett and the Class of ’72 to help celebrate their weekend reunion activities. Tommy Tavenner, owner/manager of the Silo Inn, is aware of our “frequenting” of his establishment, and goes out of his way to make the evenings that much more special for Peary alumni gatherings. Check out “Events” on the website for the Happy Hour schedule.

MSO WEBSITE: As some of you may have noticed, a “Weddings” link has been added to the Events page. If you have news and pictures of your wedding (upcoming, not past – due to space limitations for now), we will be happy to create a page to announce and archive the day.

NEW WEBSITE ITEMS – People: A Memorial to Jim Gazenski (1976), Brig. General Rick Capka (1967), Neil Simons (1976); Staff Alumni Newsletter; Happy Hour Photos; Aerial Photos of RPHS; Reunion Updates

COMING SOON: Article in The Baltimore Sun by Dianna Sugg (1983) passed along by Lauren Steinberg Levy (1983), “Tunes-While-You-Browse” (Music Online), Birthday Listings (maintained by Laura Vandevender Collins, Class of 1973, who codes our monthly MSO newsletter), and a listing of our Business Sponsors. Still working on Staff Photos.

The submission deadline for the July issue of the MSO is Saturday July 19. Your classmates hope you’ll share your news with them next month, as we approach our one-year anniversary of the MSO!

Bob Lau – The Midnight Sun Online

[Our apologies to Carolyn Foote Johnson (1978) and Lynne Moore Bent (1965) for inadvertently excluding their submissions last month]

From: Carolyn Foote Johnson (1978) uscw6ert[AT]ibmmail.com Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 Subject: MSO

Hi! I was just added onto the Peary Alumni Connection and would love to read the back issues of the Midnight Sun (Hey—I worked on the paper while in school!) but my situation is probably vastly different than most of your subscribers. I have access to e-mail (obviously) but don’t have access to the web pages so I’m at the mercy of my brother sending info to me which he will only do begrudgingly as he has to download from one computer to another and it is rather time consuming. In fact, he has yet to send me any back copies as he has not even had the time to read them himself).

As far as any updates go from my end, I am married to a wonderful man named Mike Johnson, we have two dogs and also just had our first “two-legged” child on March 2 of this past year—a gorgeous baby boy named Alexander Michael Johnson, aka Alex. I bought a townhouse in Frederick about 4.5 years ago after living in Montgomery County my whole life and met Mike 1.5 yrs after moving up here. He also grew up close to me and, in fact, went to Parkland, as did I! Small world! However, I am several years older so we were never there at the same time. We met shooting darts and still do so competitively. Let me know if you need any add’l info!

Also—my sister, Pam (Foote) Ham is a Peary alumni, class of 1971. She and her husband Steve live in Lilburn, GA. If you need/want info on her, I’ll be glad to accommodate you there, too.

I did the 4 yr college thing, have two degrees—one in law enf, the other in psychology and never pursued a career in either—I’ve been working in the insurance field for the past 7.5 yrs. I’m a big Orioles fan—went to “THE” game on 9/5/95 when Cal broke Lou Gehrig’s record— managed to plead for tickets from the Orioles as that was part of my honeymoon; in between the Bavarian Inn and the Poconos and they accommodated me. My hubby works at UPS and is the most wonderful, loving and gorgeous man in the world. I went through a spell of traveling—to Chicago 3x, San Francisco, Boston, New Orleans, Jamaica, Atlanta ~10X, Hilton Head—but now pretty much stay local (except for an annual Atlanta trip to visit my sister). That’s probably more info than you ever cared to know!


From: Joy Lynne Moore Bent (1965) tlbent[AT]doitnow.com Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 Subject: Newsletter submission

Just caught the Peary Website thanks to Kerry Daniel (65). Having resided in Arizona since 70, I’d sadly lost touch with everyone. Thanks to Kerry’s detective work, I’ve now heard from Kerry, Sue Stone Jenkins, and Jay Mitchell. So much has happened: marriages, children, remarriages, grandchildren, relocations, career changes, etc. After long distance phone calls, letters, and photos, we’re now connected by Email on a regular basis. It’s great to be able to go back in time to those “Happy Days!”

My brief autobiography: Married at 21, moved to Tempe, Arizona, and have 3 children, Michelle 24, Matt 18, and Melissa 15. Divorced after 23 yrs and currently remarried 4 yrs with 2 step-children, Jennifer 15 & Jason 13. None of the children live with us and we enjoy the “Empty Nest.” Enjoy traveling around the state, camping, fishing, and just getting out of the heat! We love the winters but need a cabin in the mountains from May to Sept. If you plan to travel out West, we suggest Oct-April.

After being away so long, visiting the Peary website was great! Lost my yearbooks, so this is the best way to relive those almost forgotten memories. Last visited the old alma mater, old neighborhoods, and schools in Wheaton and Rockville with my sister, Suzanne (70), 5 yrs ago. I was sorry to see the once new school now closed, in disrepair, and missing all the landmarks. Happy to see them preserved in the Peary Website. It was even more heartbreaking to have lost touch with so many dear friends. Couldn’t even find one person to drop in on and share a cup of coffee and talk over old times. So, I’m all for keeping Peary’s newsletter alive and hope more names can be added. I would like to hear from Sharon Meadows Hopgood, Sharon Moran, and Nancy Wolfe (all class of ’65). Enjoyed reading the newsletter.

Haven’t made it back to any of Peary’s Reunions, but did enjoy the Class of 65 10th Reunion Book in which the alumni wrote a paragraph about their lives since graduation. It would be nice if this could be done for our 35 yr in 2000. I have since become a born-again Christian and look forward to the second coming of Christ. John 3:16 “For God So Loved the World, that He Gave His Only Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have Everlasting Life.”

The best thing that’s happened to me after graduation has been trusting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, Dec. ’68. No, Jesus, is not a curse word! I knew that from Sunday School. “Jesus Loves Me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so” remember? At age 21, God revealed Himself to me. I knew I was a sinner and Jesus was my only hope! Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to God, the Father, but by Me.” John 14:6. I’ve looked at life from both sides now, and know without a doubt this life is not all there is. We have hope when we know the God of creation.

“What does it profit, if a man shall gain the whole world but lose his own soul.” Time is running out my dear friends, where have you put your hope?

No, I’m not a fanatic, just a sinner saved by God’s grace (God’s riches at Christ’s Expense). This is not a cult or religion, it is the Word of God.

I challenge you to read for yourself. Start with the Book of John. “I write these things unto you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.” I John 5:13.

From: Gale Senseman Privette (1966) gale7[AT]juno.com Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 Subject: Ray Highsmith class of “66

Our friend and fellow classmate Ray Highsmith had a tumor on his right lung and they ended up taking out the entire lung this past Monday May 19th. He’s doing very well and in good spirits. He will probably be in Shady Grove Hospital in Rockville for a week. He needs to get some rest so please NO calls to the hospital but he would probly really enjoy hearing from friends and some caring surport. Just wanted you all to know so you could send prayers, cards, well wishes etc. to Ray.

Thanks and may you all stay healthy and Blessed Gale Senseman Privette

[If you would like to contact Ray, please send a note to Gale at her e-mail address above for Ray’s address]

From: Gale Senseman Privette (1966) gale7[AT]juno.com Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 Subject: Peary ’66 Girls Weekend

On a fun note just wanted you to know that 7 ladies from the class of 66 just got back the other day from a really fun weekend at Coolfont, in Berkely Springs, West VA.

Using maiden names only – so you’ll recognize them – it was Pat Gray, Betty Rhodes, Barbara McCary, Patty McNeal, Beth Leimback, Nancy Wells, and myself (Gale). We rented a house that was supposed to be 4 bedrooms and 2 baths with a screened in porch which slept 8 but turned out to be 5 bedrooms and could have slept 10. We had all kinds of stuff planned from fishing, indoor swimming, hot tubing, massages, etc, but ended up hanging around at the house in the woods gabbing away, couple of meals out, honking and causing commotion with the locals, our two cars loaded with the seven of us pulled into a gas station (where they actually pump your gas without an extra charge), Barbara’s car on one side of the pump, mine on the other with my tape player blaring out “16 Candles” with the windows down and all of us in both cars started singing. Beth and I decided it would be fun to have a slow dance together in front of our cars (Hey, what did we care what people think)—the locals at the station seemed to enjoy watching and heck, I told her if I had known she was such a good dancer we could have gone to the prom together. (Just kidding, Just kidding)!!

We then drove up to a beautiful scenic overlook where you can see MD PA and WV come together. We were taking pictures of the scenery and each other but when one person would take a picture of the group that would leave them out so I walked over to a parked jeep being the trusting soul that I am (stupid) and not knowing who was in it knocked on the window to ask if they would take a picture of my friends and I (NOT A REAL SMART IDEA, GALE) when a guy gets out, said that the other really rough looking guy was his brother visiting from Washington state and I noticed they had a rifle between them leaning on the seat. He gets out and asks us where we we’re from as I’m handing him my camera and tells me he’s a truck driver for Giant food and if any of us shopped at Giant during the strike he was going to throw my camera over the cliff. (Not quite the “hello, my name is” that I expected) This was NOT addressed in a friendly way. We assured him we had switched to Safeway since Nancy worked there. He took the picture and I quickly got my camera back. He walked back to his jeep, they took off and then I told the other girls about the gun. They said—hey, we’re in West Va…It’s Probably O.K.. Made my little heart skip a beat…

Went antiqueing, visiting camp sites in our p.j.’s, but didn’t get out of the car, practiced my reflexology on their feet, started making plans for the class of ’66’s 50th birthday party which will be in June 1998 and lots of open honest conversations which were wonderful. We went from mooning each other to praying together. We shared tons of laughs along with some emotional tears. No one wanted the weekend to end.

It’s been truly wonderful sharing in the new friendships.

We’ll keep you informed of upcoming plans. Sorry I’ve been so busy I haven’t planned a class of ’66 Saturday night get together yet like I was hoping to do every 6 months. Please pass on to me any other 66′ e-mail addresses you might have for our reunion files.

Love to all… stay Healthly and Blessed,


From: Beverly Virginia Hill Theil (1965) beverlyVT[AT]aol.com Date: Fri, 23 May 1995 Subject: Update

I have been married to Dr. Kenneth W. Theil (Wheaton HS 1961) since June 3, 1967, we have two sons, Kenneth III, 28 and Karl, 23. I own Beverly V. Theil Consulting Services. I help education and non-profit groups obtain alternative funding. I served two terms on the local city school board and two terms on the county vocational school board. I have been active in local and state Democratic politics and currently am the treasurer (6th year) of the county party. Kiwanis membership takes up some of my time. I was one of the first women taken into the local group when women were allowed to join and last year, with my election as treasurer, became the first woman to hold office in the 73 year history of the local club.

A portion of my time has been spent working with children and the handicapped. In 1977 two friends and I formed a non-profit corporation to provide housing and support services to people who were mentally retarded, developmentally disabled or socially impaired. It will celebrate its 20th anniversary this July 3. I have been active the last 6 years in the CASA/GAL (Court Appointed Special Advocate/Guardian Ad Litem) movement. I have served as a volunteer guardian ad litem in the local juvenile court and am currently in my second term on the governing board of the Ohio CASA/GAL Association. In addition to GAL work I do home studies for stepparent adoptions in our local Probate Court.

My husband and I enjoy traveling in the United States, Canada and Europe. I have made it to South East Asia and hope to take him there for a visit when we retire.

Our two sons have made us very proud. Kenneth is a professional musician. If you listen to country and western, he’s the bass guitarist for Route 62. Their debut album, Juniper Hill, has been very well received regionally. I still can’t get over it when I hear them on my car radio. I don’t know what he’ll do if he hits really big, a country & western musician with an honors degree in business marketing just doesn’t seem the male equivalent of a coal miner’s daughter! Our second son, Karl, is with AMC theatre management currently, but plans to go to law school in the fall of 1998 and eventually plans to go into some area of international law. Hopefully this will give him a chance to use his language skills. He has what is considered native fluency in Spanish and French as well as American English. My husband, Ken, is a research virologist with the OARDC in Wooster. We have lived in College Park, Maryland and Lincoln, Nebraska before settling here in Wooster. Fortunately, my career was portable, so I’ve set up wherever we’ve been living.

I am thrilled to have found the Peary website. Class of ’65 send me a line.

From Jill Leigh Sinkoff (1984) JSinkoff[AT]aol.com Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 Subject: Alumni Class of 1984

I have been trying to locate a few friends from the class of ’84 who moved away. Their names are Monique Pelletier and Kerry Knight. The last I heard, Monique moved to Texas prior to graduation, and then was living in California. Kerry had moved to New Jersey. I graduated from the University of Maryland in 1988. I have been working as a social worker for various organizations. Currently, I am the Director of Social Services at a nursing home. I moved away from the area after I graduated from the U of M. I sometimes drive by Peary when I am back in Maryland. It is very heartbreaking to see! I wonder about my old classmates at times and wonder what people are doing… I know I missed my 10 year reunion. Someone told me that I was on a “lost” list. Anyway, you must get a lot of letters similar to this!

Take Care!


From: Art Posey (1976) DVLA36A[AT]prodigy.com Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 Subject: Update on Neil Simons

The following article appeared in the May 20, 1997 issue of The Orange & White (Magazine of Clemson University sports):

’97 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees Selected

The Tiger Letterman Board of Directors have selected the following athletes to be inducted into the Clemson Athletic Hall of Fame…. Neil Simons – baseball (1977-1980)….

These outstanding athletes will be inducted during ceremonies Friday, Nov. 13th and introduced at the annual Hall of Fame game on Saturday Nov. 14th against North Carolina.

[This article and photos are on the website under “People” News]

From: Jay Hepner (1975) Jay_Hepner[AT]fc.mcps.k12.md.us Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 Subject: Jay Hepner News

Am greatly enjoying the whole MSO Online phenomenon. First heard about it from Kevin Brooks at Kristy’s Giant; Jay Weissler, one of my best Peary friends ever, and Pete Cottrell, ditto. Also Mike LaRue and a host of others. My to be short-lived address via Net: Jay_Hepner[AT]fc.mcps.k12.md.us. This will be short-lived because I’m teaching special education (severely emotionally disturbed students) at Churchill High School, where only two years ago, Lynn Boyd, former history teacher extraordinaire plyed his trade. Now he’s a golf pro at Manor Country Club, and he’s in touch with Eileen Steinkrauss, head of the math and science magnet program at Blair HS.

Eva and I had our first child, Shayna Mechaya Hepner at 7:34pm EDT on May 1, 1997. She weighed 7′ 9 3/4″ and was 19′ long. She has a fair tousle’s worth of strawberry blond hair, somewhat belying her parentage (hmmm!); Eva and I both have dark hair, but early pictures of me at one year show a somewhat tow-headed kid, soooooo….. She also has baby blue eyes, cornflower blue in your Binney and Smith 64-pack.

Eva and Shayna and I are planning on attending the Class of ’77 picnic on 8/10/97, where it will be nice to see some whose papers I graded while an aide for Mr. Pine in ’74-75 and all others who were part of my King of the World year. I remember being taken aback when I visited PHS in the fall of ’75 and discovered that a whole ‘nother class was scheduled for matriculation in 3 years. Somehow I thought the Class of ’77 would graduate and then that would be it. Too bad that actually happened to the Class of [’84]….

To tell my life story in a few short paragraphs: Had a Lawrence Wiser State Senatorial Scholarship to the Uof Md, for $100 per semester, not bad when tuition was $350 per, but not enough, especially when saddled with three lame-o roommates at MD’s Easton 6 quad, to keep me in school. Fall of ’76 I read On the Road in the only class I’ve ever failed in my life: American Literature Since 1855, taught by Matt Whalen, who smoked like a chimney, hadn’t chosen Huckleberry Finn as required reading for the course which I’ve never forgiven him for, given as it’s my favorite work of literature and even at that time had read it at least seven of the thirteen or so times I’ve read it now, but who did change my life by choosing On the Road. Nineteen years ago today, 5/29/78, I was indeed on the road, in Chicago, where Jay Weissler, Class of ’76, was a student at the U of C, Tufts dorm, 3rd floor as I recall, I know I was sleeping on it, and it was Memorial Day (so-called for convenient holiday purposes) and Weiss, I and several others including the notorious Linda Wollschlager played in the J. Allen Clatworthy (not the real name) annual Chicago-style softball (the size of one of those red rubber elementary school kickballs with the little fans embossed on) game and beer blowout. Contact Weissler at jayw[AT]il.us.swissbank.com for further and correct details. But I was there and hard on the heels of my stint at the Playboy Club in Uptown Chicago, where I was introduced to the catchphrase “a lick and a promise”….

Anyway, these days I am a teacher or substitute teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools, depending on the day/assignment and run into ex-Peary personnel semi-regularly. Used to see Lynn Boyd a lot, see Stan Boteler at QOHS, Clarke and Edwards (Dawson) at RM, Hassler at Magruder, not to mention kids of former Pearyites, Dave Schrider’s nephew, Nick, for example.

More chapters of my life story to come…. This MSO Online is grrrreeeaaattt!


From: John Strong (1977) strongj[AT]usa.net Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 Subject: Reunion 77

Hi, Haven’t had much time to write lately. It’s been busy here in the MED with everything going on in Albania and Bosnia.

I wish I could make the August reunion, but unfortunetly I have commitment in Turkey with family..Maybe the 25th, I hope.

I see more and more people are finding this web site. I couldn’t believe the pictures of the school…really has gone downhill. It’s been so long since I actually been up there….ahhhh those partying days..

If anyone remembers some of the parties at my house, this is kinda of an ironic twist. The state bought the house from my family and run a halfway house out of it…..Hope they didn’t look behind any walls……

Oh well…..I am off for three day’s and I am off to a little town in northern Italy 10 km from Monte Carlo. My Italian landlord lets me use his villa up there. I just love the European hospitality…..

Ciao, John S.

From: Carole Stein Dibo (1976) CDibo[AT]aol.com Date: Sun, 1 Jun 1997 Subject: Mr. “Law” Thomas

The other night I was telling my 12 year old daughter a story about Mr. Thomas and how he had staged a fight between himself and a student during class to make a point about something. I can’t remember the details, but I know it caused a huge impact on class at the time. Does someone from the class of 1976 have a better memory of this (during the 1975-76 year)?

Keep up the great work,

Carole Stein Dibo

From: Dave Warner (1975) dwarner75[AT]aol.com Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 Subject: Update

I’m a senior editor with Nation’s Business, the monthly magazine of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. I’ve been married nearly 15 years and have four children. Thanks to Bob and Neal for all the work on the Peary web site! I hope to attend a Friday night Peary reunion soon.

Other Warners graduting from PHS: Amy Warner Wasel (’78); Mike (’80); Sally Warner Amatucci (’82)—married to Eddie Amatucci (’82); and Judy Warner Weixel (’84)—married to Pat Weixel (’84).

From: Eric Jensen (1972) ejensen[AT]tyler.net Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 Subject: Update

I am married to a lady whose family home was named a national monument in Palestine Texas. I am an attorney, with 2 smart teenagers. I have my own TV show. Check out my web page at http://www.advanced-av.com. I like salt water boating and fishing. I don’t hunt anymore, neither do I play golf, football or basketball.

From: Jeanne Leatherwood Coote (1978) KRAINIAT[AT]beachlink.com Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 Subject: I finally found you!!

Gosh! What an exciting web page to come across. Even though I have stayed in touch with many of my classmates I would like to fill the other ones in. After graduation I played. In 1982 I got married and in 1984 we moved to the great Outer Banks. In 1988 on Valentines Day I had my first child, a son, Wade. In 12/26/90 I had my daughter Jenaleigh. In 1995 I got my divorce. Isn’t that they way it should go?? I have been working in Kill Devil Hills (exactly .3 miles from my home) with Beach Mortgage Co., for the past 5 years. I am the Treasurer and Sr. Loan Processor. My family also lives here. John Leatherwood (1976) has a son Kyly 11 and daughter Morgan 1-1/2. My parents are doing great being able to see their grandchildren anytime they want. Look me up if you’re ever in town. Last month (May) I finally took a trip back to Rockville. I haven’t seen the sites since our 15th reunion. I had a blast seeing as many friends as possible. I stayed with Sandy VanDusen (’77). The biggest thrill was seeing the Quinter girls (women now) all at one time. (classes of 80, 81, 82 and 2 others.) It’s been over 10 years.

Well Neal and Bob thanks for all the great work in keeping us in touch with one another. I look forward to seeing the class of 78 next year at our 20th.

See ya for now!

From: Mike Holder (1968) holder[AT]vitro.com Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 Subject: June MSO

At 3AM Monday [6/9] the father of Walter Greenspon class of 67 and Sue Greenspon class of ? passed on to the next world. Rueben Greenspon had been failing progressively since the passing of his wife a few years ago. Graveside ceremony at Parklawn Cemetery on Wednesday June 11 at 1030 AM. He will be missed for his humor and his joy, but we know that he will not be lonely anymore.

From: Edward Amatucci (1982) edward.amatucci[AT]nist.gov Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 Subject: June MSO

Hello Huskies! Class of ’82

Sally Warner Amatucci and Edward (Eddie) Amatucci have just moved to Mt. Airy, Maryland. We have two kids, Claire (age 6) and Luke (age 11 months). All is going well.

I was wondering about a few friends I never heard from. So, If you recognize my name or Sally’s send me an e-mail at amatucci[AT]cme.nist.gov. Also, we never got any news on the ’82 reunion. Would someone send me the details?

Thanks, Eddie

From: Kerry Daniel (Mary Hight) (1965) KERYDANIEL[AT]aol.com Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 Subject: Submission for MSO

Wow, what a month this has been! Peary’s WEB page is right at the top of my list of favorite Internet sites. I’ve found so many friends I haven’t seen or heard from in nearly 30 years, and each day brings new surprises to my e-mail box.

Jay Mitchell had a very poignant reason for wanting to find his old high school girlfriend, who also happened to be my best friend. It was sort of urgent that I find her, so you might say I was “on a mission.” We’d both lost track of Lynne [Moore] more than 27 years ago, but I did remember the name of the man she married back then, and also remembered they had moved to Tempe, Arizona. Using the Switchboard area of the Internet People Locator service, I found about 10 people living in AZ with the same last name, and two of them had the exact first and last names as Lynne’s husband. The first number I dialed had been disconnected. The second one took me right into an insurance office; the owner of the agency was Lynne’s former husband, who had her telephone number right at his fingertips. Within 5 minutes I was talking to my old friend—and we talked for nearly 2 hours. It was awesome that we were immediately able to pick up the threads of our childhood friendship, as though time had stood still.

From there Jay was able to reach Lynne. And Lynne and I were both able to connect with Sue Stone Jenkins, another mutual friend we hadn’t seen or talked to in over 27 years. Now that Lynne’s been bitten by the sleuthing bug, she’s started finding other Peary people herself using the Internet locator sources.

And the other day I had another wonderful surprise: I sent a short e-mail message to Eugene MacKay, a chemistry teacher at Peary back in the mid-60s, who is now living in upstate NY. I wrote to ask him if he knew how I might reach other classmates of mine, thinking some of them may have stayed in touch with him through the years. What started as a single e-mail note has blossomed into a warm friendship with Gene as we’ve discovered how many interests we share today. Just to let everyone know, I was probably the worst chemistry student that ever passed through the halls of Peary.

If any of you have even the spark of an interest in communicating with someone from your past, do it now before it’s too late. You can’t imagine the joy of reconnecting with an old friend, sharing memories, and weaving fresh new threads into the tapestry of a relationship that once warmed your heart.

I’m someone who often grumbles at all the negative things technology has brought us: people and life moving too fast, obsolescence everywhere, and the general feeling that people are becoming more insignificant with each passing day. So it truly thrills me to find something wonderful in all the chaos.

So if you have ever cared about ANYONE and have lost that person over the years, find them now and tell them how much they meant to you. If it’s quicker, send an e-mail. Just do it. You’ll be surprised how good it will make them—and you—feel.

From: Kerry Daniel (Mary Hight) (1965) KERYDANIEL[AT]aol.com Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 Subject: Help Find Missing Persons, Class of ’65

It occurs to me there aren’t too many people from the early Peary classes who have posted e-mail addresses. There are less than a dozen, I think, for my class of ’65. And I have a feeling it may be a number of years before we can stimulate enough interest for an in-person alumni among members of that class. I have undertaken the huge task of trying to find people anyway. The reason? I want to send out questionnaires so we can have a “newsletter reunion.”

Also, when I send out the questionnaires I will ask for current photos of 1965 alumni and their families. Once the responses and photos come back, I will put together a scrapbook—a traveling scrapbook, if you will. That means that any of our classmates who want to borrow the scrapbook will be able to do so. All they’ll need to do is remit enough money to cover the cost of mailing it out— and back (to assure its return). And sign a statement promising to send it back as soon as they finish looking at it, so I can mail it to the next person on the list.

So far, using Internet People Locator services I’ve been able to locate many of the alumni (mostly the fellows), and also have solid leads on some family members who still live in the area, who may be able to provide information on a number of missing alumni. Still, there’s a lot of work left to do to find everyone—or to learn of their demise. So I’m hoping readers of MSO may be able to help me.

As you read the names below, really think about them. Many of these people may have been neighbors of yours. Perhaps their parents worked with your parents. Maybe they have a sibling who dated a sibling of yours. Any scrap of information you know may be useful in this search.

Here’s the list of missing:

Rebecca Lee Anderson, Diane E. Baker, Susan L. Baker, Charles T. Balent, Linda Sue Bass, Donald S. Battersby, Robert Bell, Everly Blacketor, Patricia Ann Blankenship, Debera Ellen Breach, Cheryle Lynette Brown, Elizabeth Eileen Brown, Grace I Burns, Carole A. Catlin, Edith A. Chaiken, Kimberly Chancey (Ricketts), Marcia G. Cohen, Steve Conner, Sara Cosman, Rosary Cram, Edwin H. Davidson, Jr., Guy G. Dechene, Joan DeLozier, Margaret A. Evans, Malinda C. Fadley, Alan E. Fagles, Robert E. Farrell, Betty A. Farrow, Marie Theresa Faulkner, Donald E. Ford, Sandra A. Geiger, Roy A. Gilfix, Kim D. Gingerich, Karen R. Gobielle, Jill Gonski, Alan R. Gordon, Tom Gallanos, Carol J. Hall (Curry), Madalyn A. Hardy, Carol E. Harris, Cheryl J. Harris, Elizabeth A. Hockaday, Ann E. Hoffman, Vivian Hollins, Carol A. Hoover, Clifton Hosford, Susan M. Jackson, Linda F. Jenkins, Diane E. Kerkering, Cathie A. Koses, Linda L. Lane, Gail Elizabeth Lee (Tackett), Julia Helene Leins, Pamela S. Littlewood, Kathleen McCraw, Don Mackay, Martha Newman, Cecelia Pernia, John E. Nelson, Patricia A. Peterson, Diana L. Phillips (Wheeler), Karen Rafte, Pamela Rafte, Michael W. Rasch, Barbara J. Rhodes, Thomas F. Riley, Sharon Moran.

Also: I need mailing addresses for the following faculty members: Santa Vadala, Frank Sink, Vincent Gibbs, J. Staney, Phyllis Magrab, Joan Percival, David Moran, Nancy Bratton, Evalyn Longley, Sara Dunlap, Pearl Richardson, Jean Maykuth, Ralph Zampgana, Walter Mehlferber, James Hinds, Ilona Marton, William Heard, Earnest Mate, Alice Syeles, Gerald Wick, Mrs. Zimmerman, Avonell Greene Melvin Winstein, Milton Proett, John Lewis, Katherine Sykes, John Pryzbocki, Marlene Sutton, Warrick Hill, Carrie Luck, Richard Sprowls, James Courtney, Joseph Lynam, William James, Frank Moor, Evelyn Mohn, Martha Huntington, Bernice Ryder, June Bladen, William Williams, Ronald Laneve, Walter Thompson, William Thomas, Charles Richardson, John Stewart, Robert Pine, Harriet Lourie, Andrew Roberts, James Judd, Carol Bauer, Howard Hallock, Mintie Glass, Moreland Stevens, Lula Gallogly, Mary McCullough, John Prescott, Mary Martin, Jewel Dotson.

Maybe the only information you have is the knowledge the family moved away 10 or more years ago, and you remember “kind of” where they moved. Maybe just the name of the state. That’s okay. ANY information is better than none. It’s a clue, a piece of the puzzle, something with which to start down the trail to find them.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who can help me in my quest. If you have any information on these—or OTHER class of ’65 people not listed—please write to me. My e-mail address is: KERYDANIEL[AT]aol.com, or snail mail:

Kerry L. Daniel, P.O. Box 908, St. Petersburg, FL 33731

Kerry Daniel (a.k.a. Mary Hight, Class of ’65)

From: Jacquie Padgett (1972) KHDCom[AT]aol.com Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 Subject: Peary 72 Reunion

Please send me your updated information. Several of you have moved and I need current addresses and phone numbers. If you have not done so, please send it soon. If you have not received a postcard through snail mail concerning our 25th, contact me.

Check out the Peary web page next week. I hope to have posted a missing persons list and updated information on our reunion picnic on the 29th.

[The Missing Persons List for the Class of ’72 is now available at the website under 1972 Reunion Info, along with an interactive Class of ’72 update form – BL]

From: Jim Carr (1984) carrtrek[AT]aol.com Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 Subject: Peary Sweethearts to Cruise the Country!!

Hi, we’re Jim and Marci Carr. Jim is from the Class of 1984, the final class to graduate from Peary. Marci (formerly Anderson) is from the Class of 1986. Since Peary closed after her sophomore year, she had to finish high school at nearby Peary-rival, expletive deleted Rockville.

We both come from Peary families. Jim is the last of four Carr Peary graduates: Cynthia (’75), Mitchell (’76), and Chris (’79). Both Mitch and Chris were presidents of the SGA, a stunning achievement considering both were illiterate. Marci’s older sister Teoti Pullie (Anderson) graduated in ’83.

Marci and Jim met at Peary and started dating in April of his senior year, several months after he dumped his last girlfriend (an older woman) for marrying another man! Jim, being a “big, bad senior,” did his best to coax young Marci out of her cradle and into his ’66 Thunderbird (another Peary graduate). His antics included dancing outside the windows where Marci was taking Child Development. Fortunately Marci knew his feet well enough to recognize him since that was all she could see from her basement classroom.

Jim finally wooed her when he gave her an autographed picture of himself that was published in the Midnight Sun. This picture of Jim “Jimbo” Carr holding a fish he caught stayed in her locker until the last day of school at Peary. After this Marci was “hooked” (nyuk). Not too many months later he finally got her into the back seat of his Thunderbird (which wasn’t that big a deal since the passenger seat had fallen out months before) and onto the lower field at Peary. Unfortunately, a Park Policeman with a flashlight and no sense of romance enforced the “you gotta wear more than just a smile” law, thus ruining an otherwise fine evening and undoing months of preparation. Jim and Marci dated for over six years before getting married in 1990, right after Marci graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Psychic Reading (something she always knew would happen). Marci has been teaching for the last seven years. Jim is a freelance programmer ( http://www.herbedroom.com/ipbbs.htm), specializing in software that doesn’t require any hardware to run.

However, we’re giving up all our fame and fortune to cruise the country for a year. We are selling off and storing all we own to explore the USA and her neighbors (the Mertons). We will be towing a Coleman Taos folding trailer (nicknamed The Den) behind our Tomato Wagon (an orange 1982 Mercedes diesel station wagon). We’re used to primitive camping, so a folding trailer with electric and gas for cooking is quite a luxury. We just wish there was more room for our bisexual maid/love slave, Inga the Magnificent.

What are we taking? Not much! In addition to basic camping gear, we’ll be bringing our seven year old black Labrador Retriever (Buck), Jim’s guitar, a laptop, and maybe some extra underwear (mesh, of course)!

We are looking forward to exploring the natural beauty this country has to offer, including the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and those nude beaches in California. If possible we will be traveling a course that will keep us warm the whole time! We plan to try to stay out for a year, but it really depends on how long our money – and patience – hold out. In fact, we decided not to pack any sharp or pointy objects.

We have not set a schedule, just a list of places we definitely want to visit. If any of our fellow Peary graduates have suggestions for “must-see” places around the country, please send us e-mail at carrtrek[AT]aol.com, which is the address we will be using during the trip. We also have a web page at http://users.aol.com/carrtrek/index.htm if you’d like to stop by to see pictures from our adventure (we’ll announce here when the nude beach pictures are online). For those of you who remember shy, little Marci as a stick, be sure to stop by http://www.herbedroom.com for a special treat (kids not allowed)!

We will be having a going away party on Saturday, July 12. If you’re a long lost girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend and would like to stop by, just drop us an e-mail for directions. If you never liked us, so what? We’re going on a year long trip and you’re not!

This message has been sponsored by “Repeats,” the only adult magazine for married men – and the only magazine with the same centerfold every month.

James Carr http://www.herbedroom.com/ipbbs.htm

From: Scott Simpson (1981) simpsors[AT]wwps.dnet.dupont.com Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 Subject: Newsletter Article

Hi Peary Alumni. What I’ve been up to since graduating? Terie Nielsen (1983 Peary grad) and I married after completing college and Montgomery and the University of Deleware. She degreed in English and Psychology. My degrees are in Engineering. I joined Dupont and moved to the Atlanta area for a couple of years. Was transferred to Columbus, Ohio (Go Buckeyes! – that’s mandatory around these parts) and have been there ever since. It’s a good city to live in (except no ocean). Terie had several jobs but has been a stay at home mom since our first son, Trevor, four years ago. We have another boy, Blair, who is just two months old. Terie loves being “Mom” and is great at it – it is her #1 focus. I started in engineering with Dupont. Moved to manufacturing supervision, then to the marketing and sales side of things. Was a market development manager for a couple of years – a great job. Did a bunch of overseas travel (Asia Pacific, India, Europe) which was exciting and interesting. A lot of good/unique stuff out there. Am now the U.S. Manager for one of Dupont’s product lines. Travel almost every week, but I mostly work from my home office (the way of the 90’s) when in town. That works out great to spend good time with the family and get the job done! Terie and I were avid waterskiers. The boat has been mostly on hold since the kids. I played football in Columbus with the National Rough Touch League for the last five years or so. It’s a blast – just like regular football minus the tackling and with no equipment (makes for alot of contact and injuries). My biggest hobby is golf. I’m pretty poor at it, but have fun. My motto is “to play really bad golf on really nice courses”. Haven’t been back to Rockville since high school except to visit family. Would be happy to hear from any classmates. Good wishes to all. Scott Simpson.

From: David Warner (1975) DWarner75[AT]aol.com Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 Subject: What I did on my summer vacation.

Dear Fellow Peary Alumni:

I found this wonderful web site last week and, since all have been invited to tell what they’ve been doing since graduation from PHS, I thought someone (anyone?) would like to know what I’ve been doing for the past 22 years—so would I!

Seriously, though, like many (most?) of you, life was a blur for the first few years after stepping off that stage at Cole Field House. Me and my Class of ’75 buddies—Jim Makinen, Dave Kovack, Rick Dionisio, Bob Shuman, Brian Boyd, Mike Nowak, John Bitango, Jon Lamb, Tom Gazenski, Mark Peters—did a lot of partying, as I recall, until we all went off to college or “real” jobs. I went to West Virginia University from the fall of ’75 through the spring of ’77, where I received a $4,000-year party. I did join a fraternity—Theta Chi. (Any brothers out there?) I continued my tour of East Coast colleges in the fall of ’77 at Montgomery College-Rockville, or “Peary-on-the-Pike” as we all knew it. Sometime in the late ’70s, I went to U. of Md. for a semester. I finally got serious about my post-secondary education in 1981 when I enrolled at Towson State University. I received my bachelor’s in mass communication —journalism and public relations—in the fall of 1982. Along the way, I worked as a cook, a surveyor, a bookkeeper, and an accountant. I’m sure there were a few other odd, short-lived jobs during that time, I just can’t remember them. I also played a lot of softball on teams made up mostly of Peary alums—Jim Makinen, Dave Kovack, Tom Gazenski, Jon Lamb, Donny Pooton (’75), Jim Lamb (’73), Pat (’73) and Joe (’74) Messett, Tom Kovack (’72), John (’74) and Billy Shannon (’76), John Cannon (’75), Bob Long (’74), and many others. Of course, the softball playing was just a pretext for going out after a game and drinking beer.

I met my future wife, Susan—sorry, a High Point H.S. grad—at a New Year’s eve party (Jan. 1, 1981) at Tom Gazenski’s (’75). We were married in August 1982. That’s about the time I finally settled down. I completed the seven-year plan for my college degree, landed a job with a D.C. public relations firm, then moved over to the National Rifle Association in 1984 to write for its legislative newspaper and to handle press calls. My 15 seconds of fame came when I was quoted on the NBC Today Show about a Maryland court’s ruling on a handgun product-liability suit. In 1988, I took a job writing for the legislative newspaper of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, where I’ve been for nearly 10 years. I now also write for Nation’s Business, the monthly magazine of the Chamber. I’ve done some free-lance writing, too, over the past 15 years. In the early ’80s, I was a sports writer for the Montgomery Sentinel. I did a story on Peary’s soccer coach, Bob Pine, just before the school closed. I then moved up to big-time sports writing, covering the Redskins, Orioles, and Capitals, as well as local college basketball, for the Associated Press and United Press International. But my biggest accomplishment—and biggest pleasure—has been in helping to raise my four children. As all of you with kids know, it’s a demanding, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding endeavor. My oldest starts high school (Paint Branch) in the fall; the youngest will be in first grade.

So, things have been pretty good since I left the hallowed halls of Peary. I still have fond memories of the place—sneaking into football games, fishing from the bleachers, and the “black path.” And I’m grateful to all the teachers who put up with us—Mr. Clarke, Mr. Boyd, Mr. Williams, Mr. Cino, Ms. Vadala, and “Hola! Colonel” Heard (spelling?). Some of you younger graduates may remember my brother and sisters who went to Peary: Amy (’78), Mike (’80), Sally (’82), and Judy (’84). All but Mike still live in the area. (Mike just recently moved to Boulder, Colo.) I still see many of the guys I hung around with in high school—Makinen, Kovack, Dionisio, Gazenski, Lamb, Peters, and Pooton. On Thursday nights in the winter, when I play basketball it’s a regular Peary reunion: Bruce Heller (’74), Rob Shrieder (’73), Brian Cannon (’76), and the ’75 crew of Kovack, Gazenski, Peters, Keith Heinrich, John Kotsiras, and Doug Lanciano. Others who show up now and then include Pat Messett (’73), Keith Nisson (’75), Steve Kitsoulis (’75), and Marty Costello (’76). Just like softball, the basketball is just an excuse for spending a night out with the boys and drinking a few cold ones after we’ve huffed and puffed up and down the court a few times. Invariably, while we’re sitting around the bar, the conversation turns to the mostly good times we had at Peary.

Well, I’ve rambled on for too long. Finally, I just want to thank Bob and Neal for giving all those who were fortunate enough to attend Peary a place to brag about what we’ve made of ourselves and a place to reminisce about our time at PHS.

See you at Silo Inn.

From: Neal Pizzano (1976) pizzano[AT]erols.com Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 Subject: Friday Night Gatherings

If anyone knows of a band that contains a Peary grad, send the name of the group (and the name of the alum) to me. I will try to pursue the band and bring them online with us.

The “results” of the FNG contest….. looks like BADGES won! Where possible, we’ll try to do some blue and white balloons. We’re already utilizing some customized badges, along with color “Husky” printouts to wear from Dave Alde (’69), and it is quick, cheap, and easy.

[At the suggestion of Brenda Hunter Gruber (’76) an online utility/form will be created in the near future so you can “fill in the blanks” and print your own badge directly from the website, including the Husky photo, and then get yourself a clear plastic namebadge—like you get at meetings and conferences—and slip the printout right into the holder]

From: Bob Lau (1976) blau[AT]clark.net Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 Subject: Thanks

A quick public thank-you from Kristy and me to many of you who offered their support and prayers for my favorite aunt who passed away recently.


Robert J. Williams – Class of 1974 williamb[AT]up.lib.mi.us Married to Isabelle, 4 children: Karl 17 yrs/Kevin 10 yrs/Kristina & Kayla 5 yrs

Nadera Lucy Salah – Class of 1976 nsalah[AT]csc.com Siblings – Mary Salah Calis 1974, Henry Salah, John Salah.

Denise Holliday Wade – Class of 1982 dwade[AT]pmmi.orgI am married, now 13 years with two wonderful children ages 12 and 9.

David A. Johncox – Class of 1971 daj[AT]sprintmail.com Currently a hydrologist with the USGS, play sax, guitar, and sing part-time in R&B band, homebrew, play several organized sports, have 3 young sons, married Karon Christenson in 1984.

Jill Leigh Sinkoff – Class of 1984 JSinkoff[AT]aol.com Social Worker. Looking For Monique Pelletier & Kerry Knight

Bill Barish – Class of 1973 wbarish[AT]dswebnet.com Wife – Carol, Children – Peter and Michael

Kathy Everett Johnston – Class of 1969 zbjohnston[AT]aol.com Spouse: Andy Johnston (President Peary Class of 1969) Children: Matthew Everett Johnston, married, 1 daughter Russel Alan Johnston, 3rd year Salisbury Univ.

Lisa Stein Aron – Class of 1979 LSAron[AT]aol.com Siblings: Debby Stein, Andi Stein, Carole Stein Children: Hannah – 5-1/2, Audrey – 1-1/2

Nancy Wrenn Ruffner – Class of 1971 NGDR[AT]aol.com Registered Nurse. PTA President. Son Daniel age 9 and daughter Laura age 6. Happily married to Peary alum Guy Ruffner Class of ’70.

Guy Ruffner – Class of 1970 NGDR[AT]aol.com Captain at the Montgomery County Detention Center. Son Daniel, daughter Laura. Happily married to Peary alumni Nancy Wrenn (Class of ’71)

Barbara Rhodes Moore – Class of 1965 bandsm[AT]aol.com My sister, Betty Rhodes Ricci, went to Peary thru 1965. She graduated from Gaithersburg High School in 1966.

James Michael Perry – Class of 1978 JMgolfP[AT]aol.com I have three children, Michael, Kaitlyn and Brian. I am a Manufacturing Engineer at Solarex, Worlds leading Photovoltaic manufacturer. I was a chef for 12 years. Live in the Historic section of Hagerstown. Love to play Golf.

Bill Johncox – Class of 1969 billjohn[AT]juno.com Network Engineer – First Bank Systems (Colorado National Bank)

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