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Midnight Sun Online v01n08 March 1997

Volume 1, Number 8, March, 1997

-The Online Newsletter for Robert E. Peary High School Alumni-


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Hello Huskies:

As spring quickly approaches, with summer not far behind. so are many class reunions. We’re in touch with four of the reunion committees: 1971, 1972, 1977, and 1982 so check into the MSO web site often for updates in addition to your announcements via snail mail. (There has been no word yet about a class of ’67 reunion.) The web site is updated daily, so explore the site for new pictures and the latest information, including weekly happy hour schedules (look under “Events”) for informal multi-class reunion get-togethers and an expansion of memorabilia items like pictures from the early years, plankowners certificates, a sound file and score of the Alma Mater written by Sarah Hines (1963), plus a Washington Times article about Stuart Kushner (1974), plus more coming soon. A nice snapshot of the group who attended the SAG Awards Gala last month is available under the events section, courtesy of Bob Bains (1977), with everyone decked-out in their gowns and tuxedos! Thanks, Bob! Congratulations to Bill Leffler (1976) for winning a NBC “Homicide” cap door prize that evening.

Remember that Neal Pizzano (1976) and I coordinate daily to collect and post the current e-mail addresses of classmates, so please continue to spread the word to classmates you run across. In addition, hardcopy subscriptions of the newsletter are available from Neal. Check the web site for details and/or send a note to him at npizzano[AT]erols.com. In addition, Neal maintains the “happy hour distribution” list as well as the regular e-mail listings. If you want to receive the happy hour notices, drop him a note. The current listing of folks on this list is available on the web site.

Remember that YOUR contributions are the articles for the newsletter! We’d all like to know what you’re up to, so send us your news items. The deadline for the next issue of the MSO newsletter is Saturday April 19.

Bob Lau (1976) – The Midnight Sun Online

From: Gary Costello (1966) irishguy[AT]crosslink.net Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1997 Subject: For Midnight Sun

Hello Peary alumni! Thought since I have built this great get-a-way on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, that I would share the possibility with you in case you and your family feels a need to get away. The house was built as a summer family get-a-way and has something for everyone. Here’s the best part. The best time to visit the Outer Banks is in the Spring or Fall seasons. And I tend to go there a lot in the winter, especially because of the outdoor hot tub. Anyway, If you contact me via Email at irishguy[AT]crosslink.net I will honor a discount for any Peary graduate, or Peary attendee. Here are the particulars: Are you thinking about warm places this year. . . . If not, I hope u have a friend who might be interested in renting my ocean getaway. Forward this to them if you don’t mind . . .a WEB Page is still under construction and I’ll let u know about that later. Here it is, and get warm . . .

About My Home . . . 5 Bedrooms (3 Master Bedrooms), 4-1/2 Baths, Sleeps 14 with – 1 King 3 Queens. 1 Pyramid w/Trundle, 1 Queen Sleep Sofa.

Newly Constructed In 1994 . . . This elegant home located in Southern Shores is encircled by trees with a view of the ocean. I designed this beauty with 3 Master Suites to allow the maximum in privacy and comfort . . . be surrounded by a state-of-the-art CD sound system while either pampering yourself (and up to 4 others) in the luxurious hot tub located on the outside upper deck or unwinding in front of the great room fireplace. Complimentary bicycles are provided to explore the private streets. Nearby tennis courts, marina (fees for docking) and sound-side private beach are only minutes away. Also available is a fishing pier ocean-side. My own private court allows you to watch your family or friends play volleyball or basketball while you sip wine in the overlooking hot tub . . . pay them no mind and read while swinging gently in the comfy hammock. Inside amenities include cable TVs, VCR, breakfast bar, washer/dryer, ceiling fans, central air, covered parking, BBQ, outside shower and much more. For kitchen lovers, spoil yourself with microwave, two coffeemakers (bring your favorite beans!), two icemakers, blender, crab/lobster pot, dishwasher and more.

Preseason May 24 to June 21 In Season June 21 to August 23 Peak Season July 12 to August 9 Post Season August 23 to September 20 Off Season September 21 to May 24

$775 Pre Season/$1375 In Season (1st and Last Week In-Season $1150) $1475 Peak Season, $875 Post Season/$575 Off Season : Saturday to Saturday and Available in the winter; $150 Security Deposit Required. NO PETS.

Make Your Reservation . . . The summer weeks fill up quickly, usually beginning in January. So don’t wait or there will be no weeks left for you 1997 vacation. Some of the best weeks are in the early Spring and Fall, and certainly with the hot tub and fireplace, the house is great in the Winter also . . . So, to get the ball rolling, leave me an EMail or telephone me to lock in your vacation or getaway.

Telephone 703-516-7160 (Daytime EST) or 301-933-5131 (Evenings) in the U.S.A.

Electronic mail – General Information, specific accommodations & prices: irishguy[AT]crosslink.net

Gary Costello “Top Of The Morn’n To Ya!”

From: Ross Crossland (1965) rossgolf[AT]onr.com Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 Subject: Roy Gerella

There was a short note in the most recent newsletter asking if Roy Gerella who kicked for the Steelers was a Peary Alum.

Roy was in the class of 1965. He grew up in Canada playing soccer, but soccer had not caught on here in the states as it has in the decades since. Roy played some football (but did not kick) basketball and baseball. I’m not sure if he graduated with the class of ’65. I remember that he went to school later in Hawaii and Arizona, but I’m not sure if that was all college or perhaps he finished High School elsewhere.

Roy played on some of the same teams with Ken Brace, who I think was class of ’64. (Ken played Quarterback, guard, and second base, in the three seasons) If you are in contact with Ken, he may know more about this.

Roy did kick for several years for the Steelers in the early 70’s.

Ross Crossland PHS 1965

From: Michael Solomon (1973) msolomon[AT]humsci.auburn.edu Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1997 Subject: Mike Solomon 1973—Reader’s Digest Version

What a thrill to find this site, which I was turned on to by Rick “The Brick” White (1973)—otherwise known as the next CEO of Intel…I’m on the net everyday, but rarely find something that hits as close to home as this! Much appreciated!

While I’ve seen messages from Peary grads now living in other countries, I live in a REALLY exotic place—Alabama. Not many of us Aspen Hill denizens can say that! I’ve been here for almost two years now, and so far have successfully fought the urge to get a pickup truck. Actually, it’s a lot more civilized than most people would believe (including myself before I moved here). We really love it here, and would love to show off the place to any Peary “Yankees” who want to mosey on through.

My reason for being here: I’m a professor at Auburn University (sorry, not the football coach…). I was living in New Jersey (Chairman of the Marketing Department in the School of Business at Rutgers University), minding my own business, when they offered me an endowed chair and persuaded us to try life below the Mason-Dixon Line. Best decision we ever made!

“We” is my wife, Gail, who I married just after college—we both went to Brandeis Univ. in Boston. From there I went on to get my Ph.D. in Psychology at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (people around here consider that to be in the North…). We moved to Brooklyn (definitely a culture trip!) when I took my first job in the business school at New York University. My specialty is consumer psychology, and I do a lot of work with the advertising and fashion industries to figure out why people buy what they do etc. I’m now enjoying life as a Full Professor, over the hump of tenure and other career hassles. I travel a fair amount giving lectures, etc., and this year has been especially hectic—I’ve lectured in Ireland, Scotland, England, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, and Australia, and this Fall I got a Fulbright scholarship and moved to Lisbon, Portugal for several months. I’m glad to be back home in ‘Bama for awhile! Other than research, teaching, and other academic stuff, I spend a lot of time as a textbook author – I have two books (published by Prentice Hall) and I’m now working on a third.

I’m still madly in love with my wife, and I think she still manages to put up with me. She had her own direct advertising business for several years, but sold it when we moved here and is now enrolled as a student at Auburn, where she’s getting a second degree in Interior Design. She’s very talented, but I’m looking forward to the day she graduates so she can spend other people’s money on home furnishings for a change! We have three great kids who keep us real busy: Amanda (13 going on 33), Zachary (11), and Alexandra (8). And, I can’t leave out Chloe (our golden retriever).

I have wonderful memories of the Peary days (most of them, anyway), and I’d love to hear from old running mates. We visit the DC area twice a year and would love to hook up. And, if you’re fixin’ to head out for some fine BBQ and grits (or even foie gras and cappucinno), come on down y’all!!!

Mike Solomon ’73

From: Kevin Smith (1973) kevints[AT]vnet.ibm.com Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 Subject: Hello from Kevin Smith, 73 Grad

Heard about your web page from Jacquie Padgett, my cousin in Maryland. I’m living in Charlotte NC. Are there any other 73 graduates in Charlotte?

From: Ron Bostwick (1977) crs[AT]crs-steamboat.com Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 Subject: Stuff

I plan on being at the Class of ’77 20th in August. I think the work you’re both doing is SUCH a help to us.

You know, it’s interesting how, when you get to our age, it’s easy to have an attitude about things that are not the same or things that just aren’t there anymore. A long time ago I got used to the fact that Peary was closed and the school would not be there as a central point for information/reunions/reminiscing etc.

But seeing the MSOs, getting notes from classmates and having the opportunity to reach past friends has shown me that I never did let go of my emotions surrounding Peary and my years there. As I’ve read the different submissions to the MSO, I’m touched by what people have written about what you guys are doing. I’m sure it’s tough to find the time to keep up with it all, I’m sure at times it’s overwhelming. But please remember, the work you’re doing means SO much to so many people.

Recently I spoke with a friend in NYC who I hadn’t spoken to or seen since I was living in Boston in 1993. She commented how my annual Oscar contest is what keeps many of our friends together. I believe the Peary Web Page and MSO are what is bringing together again many old friends. I’m waiting for the first marriage of old classmates who get back in touch by this. You just wait, it’ll happen.

Thanks again. And thanks from everyone.

From: Rick Salah (1978) rsalah[AT]hekimian.com Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 Subject: class pictures

I emailed Neal to add my name to the online class list and mentioned that the graduating class pictures that lined the front office at Peary are now located at the Aspen Hill Library on Aspen Hill Road. I was looking for some tax forms and was delighted and surprised to see all the class pictures hanging on the wall. If this is new news maybe a March newsletter posting is appropriate. If this is old news, perhaps a web page bullet will do as an FYI for those surfing the home page.

Rick Salah 1978

From: Linda Leiby Danley (1967) ldanley[AT]psc.dhhs.gov Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 Subject: Class Reunion


I went to Peary and was wondering if you have heard about any class reunions for the class of ’67. Its going to be 30 years in June and it doesn’t look like were going to have a reunion.

Could you E-mail pls. at ldanley[AT]PSC.dhhs.gov


Linda Danley Class of ’67

From: George Depp (1979) depp[AT]dmv.com Date: Sun, 09 March 1997 Subject: Re: Should have been class of 79 but moved

I’m not a true alumnus but I went to Peary in 10th and 11th Grade. My Father got a new job preaching at a church in Edgewood, MD. I missed Peary and hated Edgewood. People were different and a lot more on drugs.

My bother David was class of ’75 and my sister Grace was class of ’74. If you want to you can add my email to your list if I can count as an alumnus.

I’m living on the eastern shore—Crumpton, MD, about 9 miles east of Chestertown. Been working for Kunkel Auto Parts for 17 years. Married to Wendy for 16 years and have three kids Timmy 16, Jason 14, and Becky 9.

George A. Depp (Geo)

P.S. Peary MSO is great keep up the good work—lost touch with a lot of people. Now I can find some again.

From: Jim Hardman (1976) root[AT]earthops.org Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 Subject: Jay Wenger

I visited Jay Wenger in Suburban Hospital recently, he should be home now, but he had another dehydration crisis (it’s like his cells forget to absorb water and they have to fill him up with IV electrolytes or something). I have to admit I really admire him for holding together as amazingly well as he has, he’s for sure a real fighter.

He could probably use some commiseration. Heck, if someone gave him a call or stopped by and told him about the happy-hour thing, he might even be persuaded to stop by.

[Jay Wenger, Class of 1976, is a victim of Lupus]

From: Kristin Lucas (1966) lucask[AT]mscd.edu Date: Fri, 14 March 1997 Subject: On-Line With Old Friends

This is Kristin Lucas. I was one of those seventh graders who entered Peary in the fall of 1960. I still have my Plank Owner’s Certificate and I still remember the first and last verse of the school song in soprano, alto, and bass. I can also sing almost all of THE LOWLAND SEA which was the big musical put on in the spring of 1963. I was on the stage crew and still remember all the fun I had. I left Rockville in 1963 because my father, an Air Force officer, was reassigned to Montgomery, Alabama and then, a year later, to Denmark. Even though I didn’t graduate from Peary, Bob Lau and Neal Pizzano have kindly included me in the alum list for 1966.

Until I found this site on the web I was sure everyone with whom I went to junior high (or, as they call it now, middle school) was lost to me. In my memories everyone remained 14 or 15 years old. So it was a real kick to find all the Peary images and information on-line. It was even more exciting to find Nancy Wells and Gayle Senseman. And imagine my surprise when I realized that they are middle-aged just like me! When did this happen? I have regained a sense of continuity that I didn’t realize I was missing.

When we went to Denmark in 1964 we were stationed in such a remote area that I had to go to boarding school in Frankfurt, Germany. I attended Frankfurt American High School and loved every minute of it. It was a very unique experience and I’m glad I had the opportunity to travel as extensively as I did. However, because this was way before the “computer age,” most of us lost touch with one another and suffered from a very real sense of discontinuity. I have never been able to go to a high school reunion. This is all changed, now, due to the miracle of technology. Frankfurt High is now on-line and I’ve been able to reconnect with people I haven’t talked to for 31 years. There are military brat organizations all over the web so we will never be out of touch again.

I went to the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO and graduated with a BA in European History. I married an archeologist and spent 10 years going on digs in places like France and Israel.

I was divorced in 1979 and came out as a lesbian in 1983. Many things became clear to me at last—not the least of which my seemingly inexplicable and intense crush on Julie Andrews during junior/senior high! I have since found out that I was not the only confused young woman with a crush on Julie Andrews during those dark ages before the Stonewall Riots and the Gay Pride Movement.

I now live in Denver, Colorado, which is my original home and my family’s home. I am the administrative assistant (or Office Amazon) at the Institute for Women’s Studies and Services at Metropolitan State College of Denver. I live with my many cats in a cozy brick bungalow and am relatively content with how my life has turned out so far.

I would love to hear from my classmates so please e-mail me at lucask[AT]mscd.edu. Bye for now. KL

From: John Strong (1977) strongj[AT]usa.net Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 Subject: class of 1977

Hi, Well I finally have some free time this evening here in Italy. I am at work here at Capodichino airport, Naples Italy. I am the senior meteorologist at this office and we support all the NATO forces in the Southern Command. My wife and I have been here for 9 months now and it’s been fun.. I still think I cook better Italian food than some of the Italians.

I left Rockville 10 days after graduation and went to boot camp in the Navy. From there I went to my San Francisco and the USS Coral Sea (ols aircraft carrier). The shiped moved up to Seattle for 11 months in the shipyards and then we deployed to the Far East for 10 months. That was a blast, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Pakistan. We also spent 122 days at sea without ever seeing land. You tend to get a little strange after awhile. That was during the Iranian Crisis in 79. I came back to Rockville in 80 after I got out of the Navy. Hung out for awhile and got bored and went back in 81. From there I went to one of the Greek Islands Crete and lived there for 2 years. Loved Greece. My neighbor tried to marry me off to 14 year old. Nice girl but a little to young for me. That’s just customs over there. From there I went to New Orleans and worked with Customs and trained some of the Hondoran Navy. Next was Guam out in the Pacific and two more years. From there I went to Boston for two years , I really like the North End there. Off to Dallas where I spent 5 years and met my wife Emel who is Turkish. We go to Turkey every couple of months and see the family. I am buying a house there and will retire there in about a year and a half. I have no real desire to work anymore, I will go back to school some more and expand my mind as they say. It’s not that I am lazy, but after 20 some years in the military, I just want to relax. I am now a Chief Petty Officer and just enjoying life with my wife. I don’t think I will be able to make the 20 year reunion, unfortunately.

My e-mail address is strongj[AT]usa.net


John S. (1977)

From: Bob Lau (1976) blau[AT]clark.net Date: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 Subject: Update

Well, things continue with the acting stuff. Since my appearance on Chicago Hope and working with the Screen Actors Guild Feature Film Advisory Council (for the Baltimore/DC local), Kristy and I had the opportunity to work two days in scenes with Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, and Anne Heche for a Barry Levinson feature called “Wag the Dog” a satire. The scenes were shot at the White House and the Hay- Adams Hotel. Also in the film is Woody Harrellson. During the White House scene, Dustin Hoffman had the brilliant idea that it would be better if they were walking OUT of the White House gates, rather than just “away” from the White House, so he (and only he) was able to convince the White House gate guard to allow them to do this after a few minutes of discussion. As Levinson’s people muttered, “There’s one White House guard that won’t have his job after today.” It was a rather “cute” improv to see this situation develop, and only Dustin Hoffman could pull it off (Robert DeNiro seems to intense for such negotiation).

I also continue with freelance video editing, putting together productions for commercials, PSAs, and various industry groups like the Independent Women’s Council—lots of fun (uh huh) putting together speeches from Newt Gingrich.

But I will be busy in the coming months as I have just been appointed to a panelist position by the Department of Commerce to evaluate proposals for the National Information Infrastructure (Info Highway/Al Gore type stuff), so it’s an honor to be selected as an “expert” (another “uh huh”) in the field of communications to evaluate state-of-the-art technologies and proposals that will determine the direction of the country’s Info Highway efforts.

Socially…well, we did attend one of the happy hour get-togethers recently at The Lone Star in Gaithersburg and met up with Neal Pizzano, Brenda Hunter Gruber, and Bill Clark (straight in from Connecticut for the weekend)…all from the class of ’76. If there were others there from Peary, gee, I wouldn’t recognize them. I think the gatherings surely need some sort of “Peary” identifier so we know who’s who from the crowd! We went to the Chieftains concert last night to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and enjoyed a nice late dinner in Georgetown afterwards. Being at Constitution Hall brought back memories of my first concert there to see Bread in the early 70s. What were those funny little cigarettes people were smoking and passing around?

Oh, an online classmate said he saw Howard Stern’s “Private Parts” (the movie, silly) and that I was seen in one of the DC scenes. One never knows whether he’ll end up on the cutting room floor, which often is the case. Nevertheless, I think I’ll wait for the tape or cable on this one since I can’t say that I am a fan of Howard Stern. Funny, the scenes they shot here in DC were last-minute and over-budget in January when I worked in it. Think they’ve made back their investment? There will be eight feature films being shot here in DC in April and May—don’t know whether I’ll be able to keep up with it all with everything else going on. At least it’ll keep me out of trouble, right?

Bob Lau, Class of ’76

From: Brian Brennan (1981) bbrencol[AT]aol.com Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 Subject: Peary

Neal, just wanted to say thanks for creating such a great place for Peary alumni to stay in touch with each other.

My name is Brian Brennan ’81. I’m currently living in Columbia Md. After graduating Montgomery college with an AA in Electro-mechanical technology I signed on with David Glaizer (’78) to build custom homes for a few years. We actually built homes for a few of the alumni: Jon Poulsen and Doug Boyland. In 1989 I got into the automotive field. I joined Tischer Autopark in Silver Spring, Md as a Subaru sales rep. I worked my way up to assistant Subaru sales manager and then to Subaru sales manager. In Dec. ’96 I was promoted to Porsche-Audi sales manger, which the position I currently hold at Tischer. The brands we offer for sale at Tischer are Porsche-Audi-BMW-Subaru.

I am currently unmarried. In my spare time I enjoy mountain biking, motorcycling, and relaxing at Dewey Beach.

Peary trivia: Dr. Brennan is indeed my uncle! It was a great honor to have him as the pricipal in my sophomore year at Peary.

Note: anyone trying to reach Frank Brennan class of ’75 or Tim Brennan class of ’77 can contact them through my E-mail address.

Thanks again for a great job, and I look forward to talking with you soon!


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