To the Class of 1969

Can You believe We have been out of High School for 45 years? It is scary how fast time goes by and all of the wonderful Classmates who are know longer with Us. Will we be having any events this year or just wait for 2019?

Lets Find A Way Or Make One.

All The Best,
Bruce Danley

5 thoughts on “To the Class of 1969

  1. Please let me know if you have a get together. I have something that John got for your class and would like to attend to hand them out. I am johns youngest sister class of 78. Thanks.

  2. Wow! 45 years. Time is flying by…a little too fast. I would love to see our class get together, especially now that Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with so many. I’m willing to help do what I can, although I am in South Carolina now. Let me know!

    Thanks, Bruce, for approaching the subject!


  3. I am trying to reach Alan E Gebhardt. If anyone from the class of 69 has any contact information for Alan I would appreciate receiving it. Please email it to me at
    Thank you

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