Peary Photos on August 2014

Peary Photos on August 2014

Courtesy of Elizabeth Lohr, Class of ’76

Here are some photos that Elizabeth took of our high school on August, 2014. The stage where we had so many high school plays, the field where the marching band practiced, the bleachers are gone in one photo, the track, a stairwell, the front door and the bell tower.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for taking and sharing these photos.

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6 thoughts on “Peary Photos on August 2014

  1. Nice job Elizabeth Lohr and thank you for posting these photos.–Ann Hoffman McKee, Class of 1965

  2. The track photo has a lot of memories. Brain Canon class of 76 takes the field and people yell his name for him for incouragement, to score points for our football team. I would go to football games to see him play. Bob Lau takes the field for practice or at game time for the Peary’s Marching Band. Bob Lau was all over and in every corner. Even a true friend kept me from making a huge mistakes in English class. He was funny and knew when to be funny and serious when to be serious. On the track I raced and struggled to gain more and more speed. One day Mr William Thomas shows up on the track and was yelling at me. COME ON!!!! GO!! And may be a few other words a coach would say in practice. I wish I had Mr Thomas as my long distance coach and wished he showed up often. I guess we find our way or make one in our successes. We need some guidance as well.

  3. Hello I am Brian Simpson. I have been through many terrible accidents every ten years 1991 car was T-boned on BW parkway and route 1991 coma for two weeks. 2002 brain aneurysin/stroke. 2011 HPV cancer. Beat them all Go by the schools If I can’t find a way I will make one. Plus the words that my brother-in-law gave me words that I will take to my grave Brian you don’t have time for this you have to keep going for family and friends. Good words live by them. Brian class of 79 greatest class.

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