Donation Contributors

With gratitude, we thank the alumni that have contributed toward the support, hosting, maintenance and management of our Peary High School website.

2020 Donation Contributors

Janice Bausch, Class of ’72$50

2019 Donation Contributors

Craig Winning, Class of ’74$50
Daniel Judge, Class of ’74$20
Mary Millison, Class of ’71$25
Janice Bausch, Class of ’72$35
Diane Chais, Class of ’68$28
Suzane Veraa-Rosetti, Class of ’68$25

2018 Donation Contributors

Eliane Runion, Class of ’68$50
Anonymous, Class of ’72$100
Pat Knesel Blizzard, Class of ’65$50
Meredith Morris, Class of ’74$100
Mark Siegert, Class of ’79$25
Dan Judge, Class of ’74$25
Bryant Brooks, Class of ‘$25
Bob Winegard, Class of ’75$100
Diane Chais Husereau, Class of ’68$25
Judith Harris, Class of ’67$50
Eva Rockman, Class of ’67
Carole Wack, Class of ’67$25
Susan Lindberg-Shannon, Class of ’67$25
Janice Bausch, Class of ’72

2017 Donation Contributors

Sheryl (Kushner) Rothstein, Class of ’73$50
Suzy Wood, Class of ’77$25
Gerald Hayes, Class of ’73$25
Diane Chais, Class of ’68$25

2016 Donation Contributors

Robert Millard$10
Eileen McLucas$50
Patricia Lutton$25
John Hennesey$100
Lee Annis$100
Eric Jensen$25
Mary Warmkessel$100
Caroline Kelly$25
Dee Grier$20
Annette Newell$10
Diane Chais$10
James Hitchcock$5
William Bowen$25
Meredith (Way) Morris$100
Susan Collier$10
Eliane Runion$20
Don Monteaux$25
Stuart Goldman$25